About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Rabobank Issue Table 2018 Environment E1. Cruelty to animals #0 13 E2. Impacts on ecosystems and landscapes E3. Overuse of natural #4 capital resources or waste of resources E4. Pollution #6 Society Human rights H1Human rights abuses #2 H2. Impacts on communities #12 and indigenous peoples H3. Participation issues 3 H4. Social discrimination #0 Society Labor rights L1. Forced labor #3 L2. Child labor L3. Freedom of #2 association and collective bargaining L4. Health and safety 3 of employees L5. Poor 8 employment conditions L6. Employee 1 discrimination Governance G1. Integrity (corruption, bribery, money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, anti competitive practices) G2. Lack of transparency G3. Misleading communication and 'greenwashing' G4. Products or services that pose health and safety risks to consumers P1Non compliance Rabobank policy #1 Status Category Status Category Investigation Client acknowledges issue Insufficient evidence Client willing to improve policy/ behavior Client is taking action Client has resolved issue Client has improved policy/ behavior Authorities involved Client relationship terminated Client relationship terminated (other) Engagement stopped Description An investigation is required to better understand the nature and extend of the problem and to gain more insight into the necessary or desired improvement There is agreement on the facts of the issue There is insufficient certainty that the client is causing the problem or can contribute to reducing or resolving it There is agreement on how an improvement can be achieved A dispute between parties is under consideration by or requires the action or decision of a government agency or court of law; the dialogue is suspended The client has shown insufficient progress and the bank has taken steps to end the relationship The client relationship has been terminated for other reasons In case of prospective clients: the prospect is unwilling to act in accordance with our policies; in case of a client relationship: the link between Rabobank and the client or the issue no longer exists Annual Report 2018 - Appendices 86

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