1 I 5 c I 3 O O About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Rabobank materiality analysis Situation on December 31,2018 10 9 8 S 7 0 1 6 c 4 2 1 t L-.Mk._- w 01 23456789 10 Impact of Rabobank 0 Rock-solid bank 0 Meaningful cooperative 0 Excellent customer focus 0 Empowered employees Topic 1 Strong capital position 2 Improving performance 3 Flexible balance sheet 4 Conscious and careful risk return trade off 5 Increasing customer satisfaction 6 Restoring trust 7 Stimulating transparency 8 Digitizing and innovating services 9 Big data Privacy 10 Strengthen stakeholder engagement 11 Supporting clients in sustainable development 12 Stimulating sustainable food and agriculture 13 Supporting vital communities 14 Encouraging entrepreneurship 15 Facilitate transition to a more sustainable and circular economy 16 Developing human capital and talent management 17 Stimulating diversity and equality 18 Fair remuneration and education Continuous Stakeholder Dialogue We are committed to a strategic, constructive and proactive dialogue with all our stakeholders. We base the list of material reporting topics on specific dialogues we conducted during 2018 with the following stakeholder groups: clients, members, employees, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, politicians and supervisory bodies. Continuous dialogue with stakeholders provides us a clear view of which issues our stakeholders believe are important. Knowing that aids us in determining the material topics described above and is useful strategic input. Materiality Connection Table Strategic Pillar Rock-Solid Bank Excellent Customer Focus Excellent Customer Focus Excellent Customer Focus Meaningful 12 Cooperative Meaningful 13 Cooperative Meaningful 14 Cooperative Empowered 16 Employees no Material Topic Improving Performance Increasing Customer Satisfaction Goal Target 2018 Cost-income ratio (including 62.4% regulatory levies) Net promotor score Result 2018 Target 2019 NPS Corporate customers 53 NPS Corporate customers 53 n/a 6 Restoring Trust RepTrak Pulse Score Digitizing and Innovating Services Stimulating Sustainable Food Agri Supporting Vital Communities Encouraging Entrepreneurship Developing Human Capital and Talent Management NPS Private customers 56 NOS Private Banking customers 56 67.3 Online active private customers Online active corporate customers - Total sustainable products services - of clients with A-level client photo (sustainability performance) Community funds and donations -Total sustainable products services - Average hours of training per year per employee -Training expenses (EUR) per FTE n/a Increase A-level clients More than 2.525.0001 Doubling of sustainable products servicesin the period 2013-2020 Full usage of the development budget NPS Private customers 57 NOS Private Banking customers 61 70.8 72.3 61.8% Online active private 63% of online active private customers 80.8% Online active corporate customers 5% Local Rabobanks 24% Wholesale clients €48.8 million Sustainable financing €46,607 million customers 82% of online active corporate customers Increase A-level clients At least EUR 25,000 per local Rabobank Doubling of sustainable products services in the period 2013-2020 Full usage of the development budget Reference Rock-Solid Bank Excellent Customer Focus Excellent Customer Focus Excellent Customer Focus Meaningful Cooperative 8 Excellent Customer Focus Meaningful Cooperative Excellent Customer Focus Empowered Employees (Talent) 1 EUR 25,000 per local Rabobank. Annual Report 2018 - Appendices 75

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