About this Chairman's Corporate Consolidated Financial Company Financial Report Foreword Management Report Appendices Governance Statements Statements Members of the Supervisory Board1 Members of the Supervisory Board (as of December 31,2018) Name Gender Year of birth Ron Teerlink (R.) Male 1961 Marjan Trompetter (M.) Female 1963 Irene Asscher-Vonk (I.P.) Female 1944 Nationality Position Dutch Chair since September 14, 2016 Dutch Vice-chair Dutch Member Year of first Current Relevant additional positions appointment appointment term expires in 2013 2021 2015 2019 2009 2019 Leo Degle (L.N.) Male 1948 Petri Hofsté (P.H.M.) Female 1961 German Member Dutch Member 2012 2020 2016 2020 Arian Kamp (A.A.J.M.) Male 1963 Jan Nooitgedagt (JJ.) Male 1953 Pascal Visée (P.H.J.M.) Male 1961 Dutch Member Dutch Member Dutch Member 2014 2022 2016 2020 2016 2020 Annet Aris (A.P.) Female 1958 Dutch Member 2018 2022 Member Supervisory Board Takeaway.com Chair Supervisory Board VU University of Amsterdam Vice-chairSupervisory Board Rijnstaete Hospital, Arnhem Member Supervisory Boards Salvation army Welfare Health Care Foundation and Salvation Army Youth Care& Rehabilitation Foundation Owner Corona Consultancy Member Supervisory Board Philip Morris Holland B.V. Member Board Foundation Dudok Quartet Chair Museumassociation Employee Labour Law Department University of Amsterdam Chair Disputes Committee WMS Chair Disputes Committee CAO Sport Member Supervisory Board Sakroon B.V./Ten Kate B.V. Board Member FINCA Microfinance Board Member Wasser für die Welt Board Member Foundation Social Investment Innovation Member Supervisory Board of Fugro N.V. Member Supervisory Board Achmea B.V. and of several subsidiaries Member of the supervisory Board of Kasbank N.V. Board Member Foundation Nyenrode Juror Kristal Price Dutch Ministry of Economical Affairs and Climate Policy Board Member Hendrik de Keyser Association Chair Supervisory Board Koninklijke Coöperatie Agrifirm UA Owner Partnership A.A.J.M. Kamp and W.D. Kamp-Davelaar Chair Supervisory Board Telegraaf Media Group Vice-chair Supervisory Board BNG Bank Chair Supervisory Board PostNL N.V. Board Member Fiep Westendorp Foundation Chair Foundation Nyenrode Member Supervisory Board of Mediq B.V. Member Supervisory Board of Plus Retail B.V. Member Supervisory Board of Royal Flora Holland Chair Supervisory Board Foundation Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Member Supervisory Board Erasmus University Member Board Foundation Prince Claus Fund Member Supervisory Board Randstad N.V. Member Supervisory Board ASML N.V. Member Supervisory Board Jungheinrich AG Member Supervisory Board Thomas Cook PLC1 Member Supervisory Board a.s.r. Nederland N.V. 2 Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy INSEAD 1 This role will be terminated by Annet Aris on February 6,2019 2 This role will be terminated by Annet Aris on May 22,2019 1 The Supervisory Board in its current composition meets principle 2.1.7 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. 2 Information about the profession, the main position and the additional positions of Supervisory Board members can be found on www.rabobank.com/en/ about-rabobank/profile/organization/board/supervisory-board-members.html Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 69

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