About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements Dilemma Ups and Downs of Staff Reduction Unfortunately, we have had to let go members of our staff. Staff reduction takes a huge toll on the employees leaving the bank, as well as those who remain. It also comes with the loss of historial context and knowledge, but by working in teams, we can transfer, share and keep this knowledge in our organization as much as possible. Sustainability Sustainability goes hand in hand with Rabobank's identity and core values. In 2018 we continued our efforts to integrate cooperative and sustainability topics into our recruitment and selection processes. Sustainability is addressed in several training programs and we offer multiple sustainability workshops. Suppliers of educational programs to Rabobank and external employees are expected to comply with our Sustainable Procurement Standard. Enhancing Risk Awareness We continued our worldwide employee training program 'Rabobank Right' in 2018. The program aims to ensure that employees can recognize and deal effectively with operational risks in their day-to-day work by improving their risk awareness and risk assessment skills. Speaking Up Concerns and other issues are preferably addressed in open dialogue. Bureau Speak Up aims to secure a global independent process and uniformity in the handling of reports and provides guidance to management and staff including assistance in invoking any of the following procedures. Bureau Speak Up was established at the end of 2017 (replacing the existing procedure) and handled 71 requests in 2018. The Global Policy on Whistleblowing offers a safe reporting channel for misconduct and irregularities. This Global Whistleblower Policy applies to anyone who works (or worked) at Rabobank, in any role, location, or contract term, as well as anyone who has or had another type of business relationship with Rabobank (such as suppliers). The Trusted Committee handled a total of 31 cases in 2018 (2017:17), 14 of which led to a formal investigation, 6 cases were addressed by issuing a formal opinion on the follow up to responsible management, 16 were closed and 15 will continue in 2019. Labor issues can be discussed with an independent advisor under Rabobank's Industrial Relations Disputes Procedure (GRA). In 2018, the GRA handled 218 cases (109 requests for advice, 33 cases of informal conciliation, 30 cases of formal mediation, and 46 requests for a binding decision by the Industrial Relations Disputes Committee. This has resulted in 10 binding decisions so far. Rabobank Internal Health Services (IHS) Department's trusted persons assist staff who have experienced inappropriate behavior. Both GRA and IHS trusted persons are available pursuant to Rabobank's Dutch collective labor agreement. Remuneration Rabobank has a remuneration policy in order to remain an attractive employer who seeks to hire and retain talent, and to em power its employees in all their diversity. We do this by offering fair remuneration packages and providing a valuable set of employment conditions, such as an attractive working environment, a good pension scheme and attention for employee develop ment. All Rabobank employees receive a salary and a set of employment conditions which corresponds to their responsibilities and contribution. We believe that remuneration is more than just pay. We strive to provide an inspiring working environment in which employees can develop and get the most out of themselves and their talent. Rabobank encourages employees to make a difference both in the local communities where they work and internationally by contributing to our vision to provide a solution to the global food issue. For more information on Rabobank's remuneration policy click here. Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 42

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