x The four dimensions of Rabo Leadership RABO LEADERSHIP About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements the work place, for example, by interventions like vitality rooms at several locations, making the staircases more attractive and promoting healthy nutrition. Key Figures Most of our employees in the Netherlands are vital and energetic: 77.8% of all employees indicate they feel vital and 63.7% report having enough energy. 10.5% of staff indicate they suffer from work stress. Absenteeism rates in the Netherlands rose to 4.3% in a rolling 12- month period in 2018, exceeding the 2017 figure of 4.0% and the Occupational Health Safety standard of 3.7%. Of those absent due to sickness, 76% had returned to work fully within a week (78% in 2017). In 2018,48% of employees never called in sick (50% in 2017). Leadership Inspiring Leaders In 2018 a series of events further acquainted managers with the Rabobank Leadership Model. Last spring, we organized a two-day leadership event for approximately 800 employees worldwide. The goal was to inspire and encourage formal and informal leaders to enhance and cultivate their leadership and innovation skills. In September, we took the next step with approximately 209 senior managers atthe second edition of'Unplugged -The Rabo Leadership Experience'.The Rabobank Leadership Model is emphasized in recruitment and talent development as well. In 2019, we will expand our focus from building formal leadership to include agile leadership. Talent Talen t Management In 2018 the first Future Leadership Journey program was delivered. Participants of the program choose their own learning path. The group consisted of 48 talented colleagues from across the bank, each with their own backgrounds, professional and personal experience. The Journey was framed by Rabobank's Leadership Model. In 2018 the HR Innohub was created to experiment with using new technology to find, select and utilize talent. HR Innohub has already taken steps to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in HR, like mimicking client conversations with a robot and using blockchain to let employees more easily store and share personal certifications when applying for new roles.The developments in robotization were reported in the media and we were shortlisted for the most innovative Learning Technology products at the LT18Awards. Nurturing Employee Growth With continuous dialogue based on appreciative inquiry techniques, managers can help employees to think about their development, behavior, and their own contribution toward Rabobank's mission. By using the GROW! model (which stands for Goal, Reality, Options and Way forward), we focus on personal employee growth. Employees in various departments have become GROW! ambassadors who share their positive feedback techniques and advice about encouraging open conversations. Individual Leadership Network Leadership Personal A Rabobank leader takes full responsiblitiy for his or her actions, and develops through craftsmanship, vitality and adaptability A Rabobank leader creates, facilitates and inspires high-performing teams and is focused on developing the team in order to get results One Rabo A Rabobank leader leads Rabobank as a whole, takes responsibility for the collective and creates maximum impact and results by working together Community A Rabobank leader recognises and leverages our unique ability to connect clients and stakeholders to build a better world Based on the Enterprise Leadership model from CEB Research Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 40

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