Empowered Employees About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Adaptability Craftsmanship The Future of Work The world is changing rapidly. This affects the financial industry as a whole, as well as the way we work at Rabobank. In 2018 we identified a set of seven key HR trends that impact our day-to-day operations now and through to 2025. Serial craftsmanship Privacy and Transparency Inc usion Employee as Future of work Trends Networked organizations From functions to roles Next level automation Based on our trends analysis we identified several improvement areas. We decided to broadly focus our efforts on two concepts: The Open Network Organization and Serial Craftsmanship. Both concepts also allow us to cater for the other trends. In 2018 our Future of Work team created awareness about the HR trends. We also professionalized Strategic Resource Planning (SRP) to match these trends. The first domains have started to roll out the new SRP process. They will be translating the business strategy into people tactics in the coming years. Self-Reliance We adjusted the policy to offer our employees a tailor-made financial scan every six years. This policy is available on our HR information portal and accessible for our employees. We also organized a talk show for our employees about (financial) self- reliance. Taking Ownership of Development As automation and robotization are being used more frequently in the digitalization of work, we have determined which skills are required for high performance, today and tomorrow. To reduce the mismatch between current and future skills and to stimulate ouremployees' personal growth, we offered a personal annual development budget in 2017 and 2018 of EUR 1,500 and EUR 1,000 in 2019 per employee working under the Dutch Collective Labor Agreement (CLA). The annual development budget offers employees the opportunity to work on their personal and professional development at their own discretion. Since 2018 we have offered the training course 'Fit for the Digital Future' where employees learn about blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics, and receive insight into applications of these technologies in their work. Rabobank skills Self-reflection Judgement decision-making Complex problem solving Emotional intelligence By the end of 2018,48% of employees in the Dutch CLA population had fully or partly used their development budget. We will continue to encourage our employees to make the most of this resource. Vitality Vital employees have energy to cultivate their adaptability and craftsmanship. We value and nurture our staff's health and vitality, which is a combination of physical, mental, social- emotional and inspirational factors. Our RaboVitality program activates employees' ability to change their behavior and strengthen their energy. The 2018-2019 theme is Vitality and Food. The program depends on more than 300 RaboVitality Boosters (i.e. vitality ambassadors at many departments of Rabobank). In 2018, we also continued to positively incentivize Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 39

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