Janine Vos Empowered Employees Member of the Managing Board and Chief Human Resources Officer About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements When I look at our mission, I like to split it into three parts: it's about "growing," it's about "a better world" and it's about doing that "together." People need a clear goal in order to develop and to understand exactly what they're contributing to. That's why we start with the growth and development of our people first. That benefits our business, growth in craftsmanship, vitality and adaptability. In addition, as a cooperative bank we should ask ourselves the question: what is good for the world? Ultimately, it's about the need to work together. What increasingly sets our bank apart is the debate that we are engaging in thanks to the introduction of our mission 'Growing a better world together'. We are not there yet, but the fact that we are being held to account on this mission builds both the awareness and the internal momentum needed to achieve this. We want to do this, and we must do this because this is who we are. The aspect I am particularly committed to is involving all employees in this mission. In the past year we took several steps forward but there is still a lot to do. I would like to see us take a more courageous stance in some respects. When necessary we must engage in the conversation with customers more often and with greater intensity. That is difficult and it demands courage and straight talking, but it is worth it every time. If we manage to do that better, we will grow even more as a bank and as people. We are working hard on this and I am very much looking forward to further developing the human side of our story. I do realize that not everybody is able or willing to make this transition with Rabobank. Many aspects of work at the bank are changing at lightning speed. There's a great sense of urgency which places huge demands on the adaptability of our employees. The bank is prepared to help and guide them in every way but, at the same time, new jobs are appearing while other jobs are disappearing. That causes tension. When jobs disappear it's vital to help people to go "from work to work." And we are achieving excellent results. Naturally it's hard for people to let go, but it is also great to see the enduring sense of pride people take from all they've learned here. I think that colleagues who really feel the meaning of our mission are also willing and able to grow with itto face the future with their best foot forward. If we succeed in that, we can really do a lot of good together.

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