Empowered Employees 80% Empowered Employees Awards i—I I—. of redundant employees Our people define our bank. It is HR's mission to create the best possible context for our people to excel and continuously develop by providing a human centered culture, leadership programs and a lot of learning opportunities. We believe in empowering people through craftsmanship, vitality and adaptability. Our employees help our customers achieve their ambitions. Increasing the diversity of our own staff is helping us to better understand our business and serve our customers. We focus on employee engagement because we strongly believe that happy people lead to happy customers. Creating One Rabobank culture is essential. Our organization is in transition. We know that we are asking a lot of our employees during this process, while we are also decreasing the number of employees. We take care of staff who are made redundant wherever possible, our SamenWerkt! mobility center helps them find a newjoborstarttheirown business. intermediair that found a job within 6 months that started their own business within 6 months Excellent Customer Focus Meaningful Cooperative Rock-Solid Bank - About this Chairman's Corporate Consolidated Financial Company Financial Report Foreword Management Report Appendices Governance Statements Statements 2 In recognition of its efforts in labor market disadvantage, Rabobank received a CTalents Award. opolk+in jaca/rióre Rabobank, favorite employer in the Netherlands. Annual Report 2018 - Management Report

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