5% 24% 44% UN (gp Client Photo GOALS Partnerships sustainable development goals Rep Trak Score 0^0 Sustainable Development Goal Partnerships "We want to help build a better and more sustainable world. We measure the sustainability performance of our clients with an exposure over EUR 1 million in a client photo ranking them from A-D. 3 Banking for the Netherlands Reputation Management in 2018 Member engagement score 2018 The AGRI3 Fund is the first product wbcsd About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements A-level Clients Local Rabobanks 2017:4% A-level Clients Wholesale KICK-START FOOD Facilitate sufficient sustainably produced and healthy food for the growing world population Kick-start Earth Kick-start Waste Kick-start Stability Kick-start Nutrition Kick-start Self-suffiency Kick-start Living environment Kick-start Entrepreneurship SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2017:21% SUSTAINALYTICS Score of 89 and Industry Leader ToT 2017:69.5 if'ix Time for chanqe: UN Environment v 0 i'' and Rabobank announced an environment ambjtj0US partnership for forest protection, sustainable agriculture and land use. resulting from this partnership. 2017: n/a Rabobank is member and co-chair of the Climate Smart Agriculture Working Group of the WBCSD Partner ofWWF on sustainable WWF production Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 30 We care about the society in which we live.

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