lekoSevinga Member of the Managing Board and Chief Information Operations Officer About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements Our mission of'Growing a better world together' can only be successful if we remain a robust, stable bank. My personal contribution to our mission is to ensure that stability: my CIOO team and I spend every day building the bank of the future. A few years ago, Rabobank embarked upon a large-scale, comprehensive transformation of its organization in the Netherlands. The entire bank is working on this transition. The changes enable the bank to serve customers more swiftly, flexibly and efficiently. In my domain, IT and Operations, we are constructing a brand-new IT landscape and the associated infrastructure. Our objective is to significantly reduce the number of IT applications. Another example is "One Digital Workspace:" no matter where they are in the world, Rabobank employees can log in to our system securely and quickly, on any device at any given moment, just like being at the office. This is an enormous boost for efficient global cooperation. Our efforts to achieve the ambition of being "Always On" are equally important. The objective is to give customers secure access to our online servicesanytime, anywhere. We're doing an excellent job too, if I may say so myself. Of all the institutions and organizations that manage data, people have the most confidence in banks. We must do our best to nurture their trust. Our development teams must be capable of moving an idea to execution within a week. That can only be done if everything is in good shape in the bank and as an employee. We invest a lot in new working methods and new technologies. The innovation process moves a lot faster now and it's great to see this make the whole bank's heart beat with pride. Rabobank has been dependent on third-party vendors fora long time.Too much so, in my opinion. We have now reduced the size of our vendor pool and will work with only a select few going forward. I've also noticed an improvement in the quality of our in-house staff. That's a very positive development. It's how we ensure the bank remains the rock- solid, stable organization on which our mission depends.

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