Jan van Nieuwenhuizen Member of the Managing Board responsible for Dutch and international Wholesale Banking and Commercial Real Estate About this Chairman's Corporate Consolidated Financial Company Financial Report Foreword Management Report Appendices Governance Statements Statements The explosion of technological growth, and the plethora of opportunities it brings, is changing the bank rapidly. I am really impressed by biockchain technology. Soon we will be able to use it to massively improve the efficiency and sustainability of trade flows in the food sector. Imagine biockchain as a type of electronic safe that will replace the endless paper flows of contracts and documents. It is also far less prone to fraud; cargo can be shipped faster at a lower price. This technology will soon be able to show customers exactly where supermarket products come from. We are cooperating with supermarkets to develop an app that creates and encourages transparency throughout the food chain, and that promotes a level-playing field. This is especially relevant in developing Last year I got to visit many of our offices throughout the world and share the story behind 'Growing a better world together' with ourcustomers. It was the beginning of several wonderful conversations. Of course, there were lots of questions too. It struck me that many CEOs and their companies are focused on defining their own mission and finding their purpose. When I talkto them, lam curious to hear what it means to them personally. For a mission to really work you have to believe in it. Also, I tell them more about our plans and mission. Our customers often face the same challenges as we do. We are in a good position to support them since we aspire to achieving this mission primarily by working together with our clients and other stakeholders. I see these inspiring discussions with customers as my personal contribution to our mission in 2018. Change starts by creating awareness and engagement. regions where farmers often have little leverage in the value chain. Banks and corporates should take responsibility for their important role. The financial sector has changed considerably in recent years, but the general public still perceives it that changes are happening too slow. The transformation also presents dilemmas. For 10 years, Rabobank has been working on sustainability in the palm oil sector. We have made enormous progress, but so much remains to be done. When a company is slower to make the transition to a sustainable model than you would like, you can do one of two things: close the door on them or invite them to sit down and help them get back on track faster. We prefer the latter option if possible. Our mission inspires us to make clear the urgent need for change and to move it along more swiftly by working together with our customers.

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