Berry Marttin Member of the Managing Board responsible for Rural Retail In ter national, Sustain ability, Leasing and Banking for Food Inspiration Center. About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements For me personally our mission is primarily about how our bank can help to feed the 10 billion people who will be living on this planet in a sustainable manner. We need to change our eating habits and change how we produce food. It's vital that we adopt new ways of thinking. I want to find new angles from which to consider specific food chain problems. For example, why don't calculations of the cost of food production include the cost to the planet? I want us to engage in the debate on this important topic. It's at the very heart of our mission. It is a debate we must hold with businesses and clients. But it starts here, inside the bank. In 2018 we set up a Food&AgriLeadership Team in which we join forces and bring all our knowledge to bear for a higher purpose: to discuss the role we as a bank can play to help the Food Agri industry to improve its ability to feed the world sustainably. The council is where everything comes together. We ask questions like what exactly is involved in calculating the carbon emissions of a product? Wouldn't nutrient content be a better basis for calculating the carbon footprint of food? Together you always gain new insights. Let me give an example from my own experience: as a farmer I know that quickly separating manure into solid and liquid parts almost instantly reduces ammoniac emissions radically. I want to catalyze that sort of new thinking inside the bank. I feel that's my personal contribution to our mission. Rabobank is a major international player when it comes to financing farmers and all other major players in the F&A value chain. We engage with them in debate, we set terms for our loans, and we connect parties in our network wherever we think it's useful. This role fits perfectly with our mission and that's why I place so much emphasis on the need to be well informed about what we're dealing with. We must keep asking critical questions. It's the best way to find solutions for the future of our planet. Banks are used to viewing the world primarily from a financial perspective. I believe that in the future, banks should create a kind of e- rating to pinpoint where their clients stand from an environmental perspective. They should reward clients with a high e-rating and engage in dialogue with lower-scoring clients. The crucial question would then be: how much risk are banks prepared to take if clients want to improve their e-rating but are finding it hard to finance that shift?

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