About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements Dilemma: Interest-Only Mortgage Rabobank has 775.000 customers with an interest-only mortgage-loan. Some of these customers face the risk of not being able to pay their mortgage after retirement, which depends on a variety of individual life circumstances. Rabobank has proven effective at contacting these customers, sitting down with them and providing insights. Since October 2018, customers can also do an online check to find out more about their specific situation. Rabobank sees it as its responsibility to point out every possible risk to these customers and persuade them to take action. In the public debate about this problem, banks are likely to be held responsible for preventing customers from being forced to sell their home, for example. But in the end, it is of course up to the customer to actually take action, e.g. increase prepayments or switch to another mortgage etc. A dilemma in which Rabobank will continue to do whatever is neccessary to reach out to these customers, help them to become aware of possible risks and take action accordingly. Helping Customers Achieve Future-Proof Growth In 2018 we kick-started three comprehensive programs inspired by our mission, 'Growing a better world together'. The first was in the Netherlands in February: the 'Financial Health for Everyone' program enhances the financial self-reliance of individual retail customers. We stepped up our efforts to help business clients achieve future- proof growth. Entrepreneurs are going through a period of major transitions. Rabobank wants to help them innovate and grow, and to become more digital, dynamic and sustainable. In 2018 we dedicated a part of our website to sharing best 'growth' practices and relevant insights for entrepreneurs. We offered them workshops and masterclasses, launched a special 'E-team', re trained our local advisers and continued our academy (Ondernemers Academy). We also helped over 140 companies to successfully transform their business in 7 regional Circular Economy Challenges. We set up different partnerships to enhanceourimpact,forinstance, with MKB Nederland (the Dutch SME sector organization) and Linkedln, we're organizing 'Digitalization'workshops in every region, and we partnered with EY for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards. As financing remains an important part of our business, we developed several new financing propositions, for example, in crowd-funding, leasing and others. Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 22

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