Excellent Customer Focus Rabobank's enhanced focus on offering our customers digital convenience and top advice nearby is paying off. The upward trend in customer satisfaction in the Netherlands has continued, with an average NPS score of 57 for private customers, a +4 increase from December 2017. Among corporate customers in the Netherlands, the NPS rose from 43 to 53, and among Private Banking customers, from 50 to 61We use NPS to measure Rural client satisfaction and the Greenwich Quality Index to measure Wholesale client satisfaction. Rabobank was named the "most client-friendly bank of the Netherlands" in April 2018 by an independent consumer panel at the CustomerFirst Awards. In 2018 our reputation scores in the RepTrak monitor further improved. We know that we need to keep working actively on building and maintaining customer trust. We have achieved one out of five of our ambitious targets on key reputation drivers. About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements Digitalizing Our Traditional Services and Channels With more and more customer interaction moving to digital channels, we further increased investments in digital customer interaction during 2018. We now have 61.8% active online private customers and 80.8% online corporate customers. On our Rabobank Banking App, the number of active users who logged on at least once in the last three months with their private access code increased by 11 on 2017. Ready for Open Banking and PSD2 Our first effort in this area has been the addition of Bunq accounts in the Rabo Banking App. We also launched the Rabobank Developers Portal with expanded application programming interfaces (API's) and platform capabilities for external developers. Developing Innovative Services for SME Customers We launched Google Assistant for our Rabobank customers. We also launched Payment Requestfor businessclients. In the second half of 2018, we achieved an increase of 703% of Rabo Payment Request transactions in reference to the second half of 2017. Rabobank Surepay's IBAN Name-Check successfully processed over 725 million name checks, significantly reducing unintended payments in the Rabo Banking App and online environments of Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO and De Volksbank. Surepay was integrated in Rabo Banking and has also been incorporated in the payment processes of several organizations. We also innovate to deliver new services for our business clients. The internal start-up Easytrade, which facilitates simple digital currency hedging, has helped more than 100 Dutch companies to digitalize their currency hedging. This year they expanded internationally with the Finnish OP Bank which now uses the Easytrade platform for its customers. The we.trade platform was also launched. This innovative trade solution uses blockchain technology developed by Rabobank and 12 other large European banks. Supporting Customers' Innovation Ambitions Wearea partnerofYESIDelft,a largetech incubatorin Europe,and through participating in RoboValley, we are introducing robotics to Dutch companies. We have already invested in we.trade, ProducePay, GoCredible, Facturis, JoinData, Tellow, Komgo and Peaks. Digital Security Cybersecurity is high on our management agenda, because of its continuously changing nature and demands. Rabobank actively participates with the Dutch government, industry, and the scientific community in a cybersecurity committee dedicated to ensuring the digital security of the Netherlands. We worked hard to meet the deadlines for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. We will further strengthen our privacy governance model across our global organization in 2019. In 2018 we implemented a genuine innovation - pseudonymizing client data - in ourtesting activities.To provide customers digital convenience at a consistently high level of service, we simplified the bank's systems. Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 20

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