g Kirsten Konst Member of the Managing Board and responsible for Commercial Banking in the Netherlands and Local Banks About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements This was a year of acceleration and implementation. I noticed that we were getting things done much faster than in the past. That's because we adapted the structure of many parts of the bank. We now have a flatter organization and work increasingly in multidisciplinary teams. In short, we are much further down the road to becoming one bank. The mission of'Growing a better world together' is what connects all the different links in the chain. At every meeting with our staff, I restate our objective for our commercial clients in the Netherlands: we want to help entrepreneurs to grow sustainably. That's the phrase I repeated most frequently in 2018, and that repetition is having an impact. Everybody is Innovation and sustainability are important for the economy and society. Rabobank wants to be a supportive bank that is focused on long-term relationships that empower entrepreneurs to innovate and develop their business model for a sustainable future. That is why we are starting a dialogue on innovation and sustainability with all our clients. Some entrepreneurs are leading the change and others are struggling with all the challenges. It is not always easy to transform a business. And that's when I emphasize the last word in our mission: together. As Rabobank, we want to support the change by offering financial solutions and sharing our knowledge and networks. We aim to facilitate the dialogue between entrepreneurs, field experts and other stakeholders. We all need to change if the energy and agri transition in the Netherlands isto be successful. We are keen to contribute by engaging in this discussion with all entrepreneurs. Putting our mission into practice and 'Growing a better world together'. Looking ahead, we will certainly maintain our close connection with clients from all our local Rabobanks. In the summer we presented our Banking 3.0 program. It involves restructuring the local banks and establishing 14 regional specialist teams in knowledge hubs for the benefit of all our clients. This lets us ensure that we have more frequent and better quality customer contacts. The 14 teams are a source of sector knowledge for the whole of the Netherlands. keenly aware of where our focus lies. We offer our clients financial solutions and access to relevant networks and knowledge. For instance, through our Entrepreneurs Academy, through our circular economy challenges, through our workshops on digitalization across the country, and through the inspirational mini documentaries we make about entrepreneurs sharing their story on the growth of their company. We do all this to support ourcommercial clients and helpthem to grow sustainably.

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