«aw* Marielle Lichtenberg Member of the Managing Board and responsible for Retail and Private Banking in the Netherlands Excellent Customer Focus About this Chairman's Corporate Consolidated Financial Company Financial Report Foreword Management Report Appendices Governance Statements Statements For me, the starting point for everything we come up with at the bank is: How do we keep our customers happy? People who actively bank with Rabobank are very loyal. We must always keep that in mind. I want to reward their loyalty, and the best way to do that is to make customers' lives as easy as possible. For instance, through our highly rated Banking App. In 2018 we examined situations in which we are losing customers.Two important events stood out in customers' lives. The first is around their 18th birthday, when they receive a complicated and not exactly friendly letter from Rabobank. The second is when they decide to move in with their partner. In the latter case, we hadn't made it easy to open a joint account. We have now simplified the process in both cases and made it all much more accessible. The result was wonderfully positive: without any marketing, over 10,000 joint accounts were opened online. This example perfectly reflects our approach to helping customers create the conditions for good financial health. For me it represents the practical application of our mission 'Growing a better world together' to what we do for customers. I tend to be pragmatic by nature and certainly when it comes to thinking up and rolling out ideas. It's the "how" that interests me most. As far as I'm concerned, the best possible way to answering this question is to listen carefully to customers. Now and in the future. That is -and always has been-the essence of our bank. You need to be well informed about the problems your customers face and resist the temptation to get to focused on your own solutions. The fact is, they don't always truly solve customers' problems. For instance, many young people find themselves struggling towards the end of the month when they have al most run out of money. For that target group we developed "Passi," a dedicated website that answers questions and gives advice entirely from the perspective of young people. It's convenient, accessible and totally digital that's what it's all about, it's what they want. The bank helps people to become more aware of their financial situation: their pension, costs of care and housing. In February 2018, we started a targeted campaign for this purpose. The only problem is that we are primarily reaching people in a position of privilege. In the Netherlands 1.8 million people struggle with debt problems. We want to reach these people too and help them become financially self-reliant. I think it's wonderful that the Dutch banks have committed to addressing this theme together!

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