45. Impairment Charges on Financial Assets and Loan Impairment Charges 47. Income Taxes 46. Regulatory Levies 48. Transactions with Related Parties About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements contribution to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme amounted to EUR 118 million (2017: EUR 142 million). 45a Impairment Charges on Financial Assets Amounts in millions of euros 2018 Loans and advances to customers and credit institutions 315 Financial assets at fair value through other comprehensive income (5) Recoveries following write-off (117) Loan commitments and financial guarantees (3) Impairment charges on financial assets 190 45b Loan Impairment Charges Amounts in millions of euros 2017 Loans and advances to credit institutions 1 Loans and advances to customers (38) Recoveries following write-off (152) Credit related contingent liabilities (1) Loan impairment charges (190) The regulatory levies consist of bank tax, bank levies and contributions to the Single Resolution Fund and contributions to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Banks operating in the Netherlands on October 1 st of the current year are required to pay bank tax. There are two rates of bank tax applicable: A rate of 0.044% for current liabilities and a rate of 0.022% for long-term liabilities, based on the balance on December 2017. In 2018, Rabobank Group was charged a total of EUR 139 million (2017: EUR 161 million). In 2018, the bank levy in Ireland amounted to EUR 20 million (2017: EUR 7 million). In 2018, the bank levy in Belgium amounted to EUR 11 million (2017: EUR 11 million). On January 1, 2016 the European Single Resolution Fund (SRF) was set up. This fund has been established to improve the effectiveness of resolution instruments. Banks and investment firms that are in the scope of the SRM Regulation are obliged to contribute to the SRF. In 2018, the contribution to the SRF amounted to EUR 190 million (2017: EUR 184 million). Per the end of 2015, the new pre-funded Deposit Guarantee Scheme was introduced. As of 2016, banks have to pay a premium on a quarterly basis. Target size of the scheme is 0.8% of total guaranteed deposits of all banks together. In 2018, the Amounts in millions of euros Income tax Reporting period Adjustments of previous years Recognition of previously unrecognised tax losses Deferred tax Total income tax 2018 727 (26) (10) 211 902 2017 833 (11) (8) 144 958 The effective tax rate was 23.1 (2017:26.4%) and differs from the theoretical rate that would arise using the Dutch corporate tax rate. This difference is explained as follows: Amounts in millions of euros 2018 2017 Operating profit before taxation 3,906 3,632 Applicable tax rate 25% 977 25% 908 lncrease/(decrease) in taxes resulting from: Tax-exempt income (2.6%) (101) (3.1%) (112) Impact of foreign tax rates 1.3% 52 0.8% 29 Non-deductible expenses 1.7% 65 1.8% 66 Recognition of previously unrecognised tax losses (0.3%) (10) (0.2%) (8) Other permanent differences (4.5%) (174) (0.1%) (3) Adjustments of previous years (0.5%) (18) (0.3%) (11) Adjustment due to changes in tax rates 1.3% 51 (1.6%) (59) Other non-recurring tax items 1.5% 60 4.1% 148 Total income tax 23.1% 902 26.4% 958 The other permanent differences mainly comprise of the deduction of interest payments on Capital Securities and in 2017 a local provision for an expected settlement regarding RNA. Two parties are considered related if one party exercises control or has significant influence over the other party regarding financial oroperating decisions. In the normal course of business, Rabobank conducts a wide variety of transactions with related entities which involve different types of loans, deposits and transactions in foreign currencies. Transactions between related parties also includes transactions with associates, pension funds, joint ventures, the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board. These transactions are conducted against commercial terms and conditions and market prices. In accordance with IAS 24.4, transactions within Rabobank Group are not disclosed in the consolidated financial statements. Annual Report 2018 - Consolidated Financial Statements 206

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