Bart Leurs Member of the Managing Board and Chief Digital Transformation Officer Chairman's Foreword Management Report Corporate Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements of new ventures. One of them isTellow,an app that helps self-employed people managetheir bookkeeping and prepare their tax returns. In cooperation with other banks, in 2018 we launched several innovative start-ups, scale- ups, and blockchain platforms that make it easier for our customers to manage their international business. We help our customers with their own innovations too. For example, we are cooperating with innovation centers like Robo Valley in Delft, where entrepreneurs can benefit from a free Robo-scan courtesy of Rabobank. Our FoodBytes! platform has created an ecosystem of start-ups and scale- ups who share our ambitions for an innovative food value chain. This has already led to interaction with more than 1,200 ventures. It all fits perfectly with our objective of helping customers, private and wholesale alike, to grow. And at the same time, I also consider this increased focus on digitalization and innovation as the motor that will bring us closer to achieving our mission, 'Growing a better world together'. Open Banking and PSD2 will soon change the landscape in which financial institutions operate. New entrants- like those from the tech sector-will create more competition and more choices for customers. Mostly, that is a good thing since it will lead to better products and higher quality. But greater competition also brings new challenges. Customers need to think more carefully about "their" data and who they wish to share it with, especially their financial data. Open Banking is also an opportunity. It gives us room to innovate so we can develop better products and services. That way we can give our customers even better insight and oversight, now and in the future. The adoption rate of digital banking has soared in the past few years. Digital is the new normal for many of our customers. Our ambition is to satisfy any digital wishes our customers could possibly have, so that anything they would like to do online can be done online. Since most of our customers always have digital devices at hand, they carry their bank around with them. Online banking is actively used by 61.8% of our private customers and 80.8% of our corporate customers. We are always working on new innovations to help our customers. Many were pitched at our Moonshot campaign, leading to the creation

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