3,941 46,607 i Sustainable funding Sustainable finance* Domestic market shares "We treat our clients as we would want to be treated. We respond to their requests and real needs." KPI Net Promoter Score Acf/ve on/jne About this Chairman's Corporate Report Foieword Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements +14.7% 2017:3,436 million +268% 2017:17377 million The sustainable finance definition has been updated In 2018 the sustainable mortgage portfolio has been included in the total sustainable fi nancing. The sustainable mortgagesare a substantial part of the total of sustainable financing (EUR 29,161 million).This figure consists of the outstanding balances of all residential properties with a provisional or final energy label A. Corporate customers in the Netherlands J Private Banking customers in Private customers in the Netherlands In 2018, we started 3 new programs based on our mission'Growing a better world together': Enhancing Dutch consumers financial health Stimulating healthy entrepreneurial growth Kick-Start Waste, a global program to reduce food waste Pr,vate custom Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 16

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