14. Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures - - 14.7 Investments in Associates 74.2 Investments in Joint Ventures About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements Amounts in millions of euros 2018 2017 Opening balance 2,521 2,417 Foreign exchange differences 5 (7) Purchases 43 113 Sales (187) (214) Share of profit of associates 242 246 Dividends paid out (and capital repayments) (149) (78) Revaluation (80) 5 Impairment Other (21) 39 Total investments in associates and joint ventures 2,374 2,521 The main associate in terms ofthe size of the capital interest held by Rabobank is: On 31 December 2018 Shareholding The Netherlands Achmea B.V. 30% Voting rights Achmea isa strategic partner of Rabobankfor insurance products and Interpolis, a subsidiary ofthe Achmea Group, works closely with the local Rabobanks. Achmea's head office is located in Zeist, the Netherlands. No listed market price is available for the interest in Achmea. The interest in Achmea is valued according to the equity method. Rabobank received dividend from Achmea for an amount of EUR 37 million (2017: nil). In 2018 there were no impairment triggers to perform an impairment test. Reconciliation Carrying Amount of Interest in Achmea Total equity Achmea Minus: hybrid capital Minus: preference shares and accrued dividend Shareholder's equity Share of Rabobank Accumulated impairment Carrying amount 2018 9,705 1,350 350 8,005 2017 9,949 1,350 350 8,249 30.00% 29.21% 2,401 2,410 (719) 1,682 (700) 1,710 The impairment amount has increased by the same percentage as the increase ofthe stake of Rabobank due to the buyback of shares by Achmea. Other Associates Amounts in millions of euros Result from continuing operations Net profit Other comprehensive income Total comprehensive income 2018 2017 168 203 168 203 11 168 214 Virtually all joint ventures are investments of BPD. Their total carrying amount is EUR 7 million (2017: EUR -8 million). Joint ventures are recognized in accordance with the equity method. BPD often has partnerships for developing integrated residential areas. In the majority of cases, each participating member ofthe partnership has a decisive vote, and decisions can only be passed by consensus.The majority ofthese partnerships therefore qualify as "joint arrangements." Achmea Amounts in millions of euros Cash and balances at central banks Investments Other assets Assets held for sale Total assets Insurance related provisions Loans and funds borrowed Other liabilities Liabilities held for sale Total liabilities Revenues Net profit Other comprehensive income Total comprehensive income 2018 1,466 70,948 9,402 81,816 55,065 15,197 1,849 72,111 21,336 315 (266) 49 2017 2,884 72,702 10,259 5,101 90,946 57,293 16,755 1,947 5,002 80,997 22,065 216 20 236 Each partnership has its own legal structure depending on the needs and requirements ofthe parties concerned. The legal form (business structure) typically used is the Dutch "CV-BV" structure (a limited partnership-private limited liability company) or the "VOF" structure (general partnership) or a comparable structure. In the case of a CV-BV, the risk of a partner is generally limited to the issued capital and partners are only entitled to the net assets ofthe entity. In the case of general partnerships ("VOF"), each party bears, in principle, unlimited liability and has, in principle, a proportional right to the assets and obligations for the liabilities ofthe entity. On the basis ofthe legal form, a CV-BV structure qualifies as a "joint venture", whereas a VOF structure qualifies as a "joint operation". It is important to note that the contractual terms and other relevant facts and circumstances may result in a different classification. Annual Report 2018 - Consolidated Financial Statements 186

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