About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements changes and social trends. Rabobank offers knowledge, financial resources and its network to customers worldwide. To provide customers digital convenience at a consistently high service level, we simplified the bank's systems and can now offer a high overall system availability (99.9% average of Internet and Mobile banking and iDEAL). We will continue to enhance our value creation model as we execute our strategy, allowing us to remain a meaningful cooperative and a rock-solid bank with excellent client focus and empowered employees. For more detailed information, and for risks and dilemmas concerning Intellectual Capital, see the chapters Excellent Customer Focus and Meaningful Cooperative. Financial Capital Rabobank offers financial resources to customers worldwide. Our products and services include banking, lending, capital management, leasing, insurance and real estate services. Rabobank is a rock-solid bank underpinned by high capital levels, sizeable liquidity buffers, sound asset quality and healthy earnings. These are the drivers of our high credit ratings, in conjunction with our strong franchise in the domestic market and in the global Food Agri sector. For more detailed information, and for risks and dilemmas concerning Financial Capital, see the chapter Rock-Solid Bank. Short, Medium and Long-term Value Creation We need to satisfy customers' day-to-day banking needs and contribute to economic activity in the short term. Our medium-term goal is to help clients achieve their ambitions and promote sustainable entrepreneurship, especially in the Food Agri sector. We also contribute to prosperity. We aim to facilitate long-term economic growth and contribute to a sustainable society. We are also dedicated to easing the transition to a sustainable, circular and humane economy. Rabobank's Organization Rabobank emerged from small agricultural cooperative banks, first founded by Dutch farmers and horticulturists in the late nineteenth century. They had been eager to improve the future of agriculture and horticulture and make farmers prosperous through a credit cooperative. From 1895 on, several banks modeled on this 'Raiffeisen system' were set up in different parts of the Netherlands. The organizational model centered on self- help, taking individual and mutual responsibility, and the involvement of all stakeholders. Today, our commitment to these principles and to making a difference in society is as strong as ever. Rabobank's Activities Our focus is on all-finance services in the Netherlands and on serving our Food Agri customers internationally. Rabobank creates value with its strategy and the products and services it offers customers in Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Rural Banking, Private Banking, Feasing and Real Estate. Rabobank Fundamentals Rabobank's mission, vision, strategy and strategic priorities, values and behaviors, KPI's and leadership model form our integral strategic storyline. Mission Our mission is: 'Growing a better world together'. This is what we stand for and what we aim to achieve through boldness, ingenuity and decisiveness. Vision We are committed to making the difference as a cooperative, customer-driven bank, in the Netherlands and in Food Agri around the world. We aim to be a courageous, socially responsible bank, championing customer issues that have a major impact on society. To achieve this, we have two strategic focus areas: Bankingforthe Netherlands and Bankingfor Food. We want to make a substantial contribution to well-being and prosperity in the Netherlands and to feeding the world sustainably. The visions outlined in Banking for the Netherlands and Banking for Food define our focus and explain what it means to be a client focused cooperative. Sustainability forms an integral part of both these visions. Banking for the Netherlands We feel a strong connection with our customers and members. We prosper when our customers prosper. As a cooperative bank, we must help meet the challenges facing the Netherlands in the years to come. We take a four-pronged approach in Bankingforthe Netherlands: food, self-reliance, entrepreneurship and local living environ ment. Our presence at the heart of local society combined with our financial capabilities, network and knowledge, enables us to address relevant local and regional topics. This is how we promote sustainable well-being and prosperity in the Netherlands of the future. Banking for Food Food security concerns us all. In 2050, the world population will have increased by 2 billion people to nearly 10 billion people. Many of them will have twice as much income to spend and we are going to need more food. To satisfy increased food demand, global food production will have to increase by at least 60%. At Annual Report 2018 - Management Report

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