Rabobank at a Glance About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Adding Value for our Stakeholders Rabobank is committed to creating value for stakeholders and society at large. Changing client behavior, technological developments and a complex economic environment, mean that value is created through enduring relationships with all stakeholders, and by responding appropriately to client needs against the backdrop of today's trends and developments. What are we aiming for? 100% digital convenience in everything Top customer advice nearby Growth with innovation Concrete socially responsible contribution Involved members and communities Our impact Banking for the Netherlands Banking for Food Inspired employees One Rabobank culture Growing a better world together Top performance Optimal balance sheet Exceptionally good execution External developments and risks Dilemmas What do we offer? Mortgages Loans Payment services Savings Assets under Management Insurance Leasing Area development What do we need? Capital Employees Knowledge Partnerships Developments and Uncertainties Every year we analyze trends and developments that affect our work. In 2018 we saw many trends in consumer behavior, technology, innovation, market players, regulations, the economy and society. All present several opportunities and challenges for Rabobank and its customers. The trends in a nutshell are: Client preferences are changing rapidly and significantly. Digital interaction is increasingly replacing face-to-face contact, so we are investing in the quality and further innovation of our (digital) services. Client preferences are also driving changes in the online distribution of goods, with a large impact on food and other chains. In the Food Agri sector the consumer's influence is growing and 'from fork to farm' is replacing 'from farm to fork'. We see technology impacting our business and those of our customers, varying from on-farm dronestothe use of personal data. All this data needs to be kept secure and organized. Digital change, cyber security and IT disruption present a strategic risk. For more information, refer to the Risk Management chapter. To meet customer needs, we proactively monitor innovations in and adjacent to the financial (FinTech) and Food Agribusiness (FoodTech and AgTech) industries and we are entering into strategic partnerships. Given the current economy, low interest rate environ ment and other factors we must continue to operate on a cost-effective basis and improve our cost/income ratio. Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 9

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