About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Committee on Cooperative Affairs Summary Supervisory Board Meetings Committee on Cooperative Affairs General Responsibilities and Duties The responsibilities and duties of the Committee on Cooperative Affairs (CCA) are described in the Rules of Procedure of the CCA of Rabobank's Supervisory Board. In 2018 the Rules of Procedure were amended to become compliant with - among others - the 'EBA rules on internal governance'. The revised version can be accessed via www.rabobank.com.The CCA advises the Supervisory Board on all matters regarding Rabobank's cooperative structure, organization and identity, and will make the preparations for the requisite decisions of the Supervisory Board, consisting of: (i) the assessment of the Managing Board's reports on Rabobank's cooperative organization and operations, ii) the submission of advice on cooperative affairs to the Managing Board, either upon request or on its own initiative, and iii) advising the Supervisory Board on client-, market- or service-related topics (also in relation to the sustainability ambitions, visions and strategy on pertaining to the sustainability targets that the business units formulated), either at the request of the Managing Board or on its own initiative. Facts Figures Members on December 31,2018 Arian Kamp, chair (86%) Irene Asscher-Vonk (72%) Petri Hofsté (72%) Ron Teerlink (86%) Marjan Trompetter (100%) The other members of the Supervisory Board have a standing invitation to attend the meeting of the CCA. Other Attendees Throughout the Year Regular attendees: Wiebe Draijer Other frequent attendees on relevant topics: Other Managing Board members, responsible for the commercial business lines: Marielle Lichtenberg, Kirsten Konst, Jan van Nieuwenhuizen and Berry Marttin Bas Rüter, director sustainability Meetings During 2018, the CCA convened seven times, of which two meetings were extra sessions dedicated to a specific 'cooperative' topic. Topics The regular topics for the CCA in 2018 included presentations on the client focus and client analytics for the commercial business lines, updates on Bankieren 3.0, the CCA-year plan, an overview of Supervisory Board members' visits to banks, social initiatives and updates on the cooperative renewal. The continuing transition of Rabobank, including the digitalization of processes and the innovation of our business models, inspires employees. However, the Supervisory Board realizes that it also challenges employees' ability to adapt since it requires continuous learning. For example, many positions throughout the network changed as a result of the Bankieren 3.0 transformation. The Supervisory Board discusses these topics in its meetings with the Workers Council. It also receives regular updates on the development of the organizational health index scores. The board is content with the steadily improving level of the index, which demonstrates employees' commitment and sense of responsibility to the organizational changes. Members of the Supervisory Board regularly attend the meeting of the Workers Council and meet with its representatives. In 2018, a fruitful "three-councils meeting" took place between the Workers Council and the Supervisory and Managing Board. The Supervisory Board attends and, where relevant, actively participates in the General Members Council, chaired by Ron Teerlink, chair of the Supervisory Board. Members also attend the preparatory meetings for the General Members Council in the networks of local Rabobanks and participate in meetings of General Members Council committees. Educational Sessions The Supervisory Board has followed several educational sessions, together with members of the Managing Board, other Rabobank managers and external advisors and trainers. Annual Report 2018 - Corporate Governance 117

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