About this Report Chairman's Foreword Management Report Appendices Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Company Financial Statements Stakeholder Relationships Summary Stakeholder Relationships Type of Stakeholder Contact with Members Members - Next to being loyal clients, our members are our eyes and ears in the local community.They can act as our ambassadors, but also question and reflect on Rabobank's choices and actions. Specifics Contact with the External Accountant PwC External accountant: formal and informal role Dutch and Foreign Regulators Regulators in the Netherlands/Europe and abroad: In the Netherlands, these include De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB),the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the ECB/DNB Joint Supervisory Team. Supervisory Board members attend meetings of theGMC three to four times a year. On several occasions members of Supervisory Board Committees confer with or attend GMC Committee meetings. In 2018, due to (re)appointments in the Managing and the Supervisory Board, the Appointment Committee had frequent contact with the GMC Committee on Confidential Matters. The chair or deputy chair attends all eight Regional Member Council meetings per GMC, accompanied by another Supervisory Board member. The chair of the Supervisory Board is technical chair of the GMC and the GMC Emergency Affairs Committee. The chair and deputy chair attends the meetings of the GMC's Coordination Committee and the Committee on Confidential matters. The members of the Supervisory Board also visit individual local Rabobanks, attend conferences and information sessions for local directors and/or members of the Supervisory Boards of the local Rabobanks and, on invitation, meetings of local Rabobank members. The external accountant attends every meeting of the Audit Committee and the Risk Committee. At least once a year there is a private session between the Audit Committee and the external indeendant accountant and internal advisors. The chair of the Supervisory Board, the chair of the Audit Committee and the external independent auditor and meet at least four times a year. The chair of the Supervisory Board, either independently or with the chair of the Managing Board, maintains contact with external regulators. The vice chair and the chairs of all committees also meet with members of the JST on a regular basis. On occasion, a delegation of Supervisory Board members is in contact with and/or meets with US regulators. Contact with Managing Board Members and other Rabobank Professionals The chair of the Supervisory Board is in close contact with the Ongoing chair of the Managing Board and the Chief Financial Officer. The chair of the Supervisory Board regularly consults with the Twelve times per year Chief Audit Executive internal auditor and the Chief Compliance Officer. Informal audit meeting - Chair of the Supervisory Board, the At least four times a year chair of the Audit Committee, the external independent auditor and the Chief Audit Executive internal auditor. Informal meetings with the Head of Internal Audit. Informal risk organization meeting - the chair of the risk committee and the Chief Risk Officer. Informal meetings between chairs of Supervisory Board Committees and the responsible Managing Board Member(s) to discuss the agenda of the next meeting. Informal gatherings or formal meetings (continuous education) with directors, Rabobank specialists or external experts, focused on the exchange of information. On a rotating basis, members of the Supervisory Board attend Every meeting of the Works Council meetings of the Works Council as observers. One of the members of the Supervisory Board has attended a meeting of the European Works Council (EWC) and will continue to do so in the future. In 2018, a meeting will be set up between delegates of the Rabobank Works Council, the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board (so-called 'three councils meeting') Regularly Before every meeting of the Audit Committee Before every Committee meeting Several times per year Several times per year Local branches and Rabobank clients in the Netherlands and abroad Individual members of the Supervisory Board have also visited to (clients of) local Rabobanks and Rabobank abroad, affiliates and attended meetings of relevant networks to stay in touch with the company's core business and client groups. The Supervisory Board strongly supports the Managing Board's view that Rabobank, as a cooperative bank, has a critical role to play in helping solve the issues that face society today, such as producing enough food fora growing world population, climate change and financial health for individuals and businesses. This requires cooperation and domestic and international coalitions of members and customers, renewal of our cooperative identity, and innovation of our banking business models. The Supervisory Board stimulates and initiates discussion with the Committee on Cooperative Affairs, in board meetings and in talks with the General Members Council. Annual Report 2018 - Corporate Governance 116

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