Rabobank at a glance Mission Growing a better world together Almost 8.3 million customers The Netherlands International 409 6.5 0.8 1.9 190.0 Dutch Private Mortgages 81.5 Lending to Trade, Industry and Services'" 38.1 Lending to Food Agri'" 1.47 billion point-of-saleterminal transactions 40.7 Assets Under Management 1.8 Leasing 5,470 BPD transactions 65.0 Private sector lending to Food Agri 36.5 Private sector lending to Trade, Industry, and Services About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements 0000000000000000000000000000000000 7.3 million Dutch customers" v 1.0 million international customers" 101 Local Rabobanks Domestic Retail Banking offices million members million private million corporate customers customers What We Offer in the Netherlands (amounts in EUR billions) 119.1 Savings 38 Countries What We Offer Internationally (amounts in EUR billions) 2.6 Lending to private individuals Example of a Food Agri Value Chain - The Coffee Chain Farmers/producers Rabobank Foundation/Rabo Partnerships/ Rabo Rural Fund/Rabo Rural Banking Traders Trade Commodity Finance Roasters Local Rabobanks/ Global Corporate Clients Retail Local Rabobanks/ Global Corporate Clients Local Rabobanks and Obvion Wholesale, Rural Retail WRR the Netherlands domestic DLL portfolio included Annual Report 2018 - Management Report 8

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