About this Chairman's Corporate Consolidated Financial Company Financial Report Foreword Management Report Appendices Governance Statements Statements Rabo Real Estate Group (FGH Bank included) In 2016 FGH Bank was positioned as an independent organization within RabobankGroup and in 2018the last funds of Bouwfonds Investment Management were sold. As a result of these last organizational developments, almost all employees of Rabo Real Estate Group have been made redundant or have left service. The agreements with the unions were set out in an addendum to Rabo Real Estate Group's 2013-2015 Social Plan - a part of Rabo Real Estate Group's CLA. BPD Since 2017 BPD has been positioned as an independent organization within RabobankGroup. Remuneration of employees of BPD is subject to a new BPD Collective Labor Agreement 2018-2019 and a Social Plan 2018-2022. The CLA of BPD was negotiated in January 2018 with the trade unions CNV, FNV and De Unie. This specific remuneration policy meets the requirements of the Rabobank Group remuneration policy. The Collective Labor Agreement includes a remuneration package consisting of fixed and variable components and a pension scheme in line with that of Rabobank Pension Fund. In the Netherlands, BPD distinguishes three groups of employees: CEO, Executives and employees subject to the CLA. Each group has its own conditions of employment package. The BPD CLA includes a Performance Competence Management system (PCM) to steer results and employee development. BPD also employs staff outside the Netherlands. It concerns BPD Deutschland and BPD France (sold in November 2018). Each of the entities outside the Netherlands has a specific remuneration policy and Performance Competence Management (PCM). Annual Report 2018 - Corporate Governance 106

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