- - - - About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements period of four years. Their individual remuneration is determined forthat specific period. Managing Board members are not eligible for variable pay. The remuneration policy forthe Managing Board was approved by the General Members Council in 2017. The remuneration policy forthe Managing board consists of two clusters of functions: Chair of the Managing Board, and Member of the Managing Board. Regularly, the positions within the Managing Board are benchmarked against a cross-industry and a financial peer group and salary ranges might be adjusted based on the outcomes. Based on the 2017 benchmark, salary ranges were setto those two function levels.The remuneration structure and salary ranges of the Managing Board are as follows: Salary Ranges of Managing Board Salary Ranges Minimum Maximum Chairman of the Managing Board 884,000 1,154,400 Member of the Managing Board €477,000 €884,000 With the installation of the Managing Board in 2017, reference points perfunction weredefined. Individual proposals forthe new Managing Board members were based on the external value of the function (based on the benchmark), as well as on the members' personal capabilities and their leadership profile. The remuneration packages reflect the values of Rabobank's remuneration policy. In 2018, two members of the Managing Board were re-appointed foranotherfouryears. No changes were made in their individual remuneration packages. These packages corresponded to the applicable salary range. Apart from their salary, the members of the Managing Board receive secondary employment conditions such as a pension scheme. The members' individual pension contribution is, part of the total fixed annual salary, along with the remuneration on the basis of the salary ranges. There is no entitlement to a car lease arrangement, but a company car policy is in place for all members of the Managing Board forthe purpose of commuting and business travels. In 2017, the aim of the transition of the Board of Directors to the Managing Board was - among others - the creation of less hierarchical levels, and as a result thereof, a decrease of total salary costs within the Executive levels. Recently, a cost analysis showed that between May 2017 and December 2018 the number of Executive level positions decreased. In addition, a decrease of total salary costs over all Executive levels in the Netherlands was noted. Individual Remuneration The individual remuneration in 2018 of the members of the Managing Board were as follows: Remuneration Managing Board In thousands of euros Salary Pension Scheme Individual Pension Contribution Other Total Wiebe Draijer 980 26 211 1,217 Bas Brouwers 884 26 188 3 1,101 Petra van Hoeken 884 26 188 1,098 Kirsten Konst 800 26 168 2 996 Bart Leurs 650 26 132 23 831 Mariëlle Lichtenberg 750 26 156 11 943 Berry Marttin 884 26 188 75 1,173 Jan van Nieuwenhuizen 884 26 188 1,098 leko Sevinga 750 26 156 932 Janine Vos 650 26 132 50 858 Total 2018 8,116 260 1,707 164 10,247 Total 2017 6,895 209 1,468 22 8,594 Petra van Hoeken, member of the Executive Board, resigned from her role as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) on February 12019. Els de Groot took over her activities as CRO. Petra will step down from her remaining tasks and her employment relationship with Rabobank will be terminated in summer 2019. Petra will receive a severance payequivalenttooneyear's salaryofEUR884,000and her regular individual pension contribution. Individual Loans The outstanding loans of the members of the Managing Board in office and the average interest rates on December 312018 were as follows: Annual Report 2018 - Corporate Governance 104

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