About this Report Chairman's Foreword Corporate Management Report Appendices Governance Consolidated Financial Company Financial Statements Statements list was updated on a quarterly basis not only with regard to personal changes on Identified Staff positions, but also with an aim to include or exclude Identified Staff positions after reorganizations. In addition to the specific performance management requirements, we have established specific risk mitigating measures for Identified Staff receiving variable pay. These include the division of variable pay into a cash component and an instruments component. The deferred payment covers a sufficient period of time to allow the ex-post test to be performed. The deferral period is three years. For those employees qualified as 'Senior management', however, the deferral policy stretchestofiveyears. Alsoforemployees receiving variable pay above a certain amount, but not being Identified Staff, a deferral policy applies in order to allow the ex posttest to be performed. Supervisory Board The remuneration packages of the members of the supervisory board were revised in 2016, so that they would be in line with the Rabobank's vision on reward and remuneration and the cross- industry benchmark data for similar positions. In 2018 no changes were made, so the remuneration packages were as follows: Individual Remuneration The individual remuneration in 2018 for members of the supervisory boards are shown below: As ofOctber 1,2016 Fee Structure As of Octber 1,2016 Fee structure In euro's Fee Member 90.000 Chair of Audit Committee, Risk 20.000 Committee, Cooperative Issues Committee, additional Chair of Appointments Committe 20.000 together with HR Committee, additional Vice-Chair, additional 30.000 Chair 220.000 Remuneration Supervisory Board In thousands of euros Remuneration Irene Asscher-Vonk 90 Leo Degle 90 Leo Graafsma (until April 18,2018) 33 Petri Hofsté 104 Arian Kamp 110 Jan Nooitgedagt 110 Ron Teerlink 220 Pascal Visée 90 Marjan Trompetter 140 Annet Aris 5 Total 2018 992 Total 2017 1,050 Individual Loans and Certificates The outstanding loans of the members of the Supervisory Board in office on December 31,2018 and the average interest rates were as follows: Outstanding Loans Supervisory Board In millions of euros Outstanding Loans Average Interest Rate (in On December 31,2018 Annet Aris 0.2 5.2 Arian Kamp 1.3 1.7 Marjan Trompetter 0.6 2.5 At year-end 2018, those members of the Supervisory Board not listed in the table had not received any loans, advances or guarantees. Several members of the Supervisory Board have invested in RabobankCertificates in person and/orthrough a private pension company. On December 31, 2018, the number of Rabobank Certificates per individual member were as follows: Certificates of members of the Supervisory Board Number of Rabobank Certificates Remarks On December 31,2018 Irene Asscher-Vonk 14,995 Leo Degle 4,836 in pension B.V. Managing Board The Managing Board Remuneration Policy, in line with the general HR mission, focuses on contribution and leadership. It emphasizes the offer of a remuneration proposal within the salary range of the members of the Managing Board that matches the market based position reference point of their role and that also compares their personal leadership profile to the desired leadership profile. Managing Board members are appointed for a Annual Report 2018 - Corporate Governance 103

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