Profile of Rabobank Group Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers banking, asset management, leasing, insurance and real estate services. Focus is on broad financial services provision in the Netherlands and primarily on the food and agribusiness internationally. Rabobank Group is comprised of independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organisation, and a number of specialist subsidiaries. Overall, Rabobank Group has approximately 59,000 employees (in FTEs), who serve about 10 million customers in 48 countries. In terms of tier 1 capital, Rabobank Group is among the world's 25 largest financial institutions. All rating agencies have awarded Rabobank the highest rating possible for banks. Who we are Mission Rabobank was established in the Netherlands by entrepreneurial people whose access to the capital market was virtually blocked. Rabobank's roots lie in the SME sector and in agriculture in particular. By operating as a cooperative, a financial institution has emerged that allows its customers to achieve their financial ambitions. This is Rabobank Group's compass: the bank's objective is to let people and businesses participate in the economy as free and equal agents. Rabobank Group offers all the financial services needed by clients to participate in an economy- driven modern society. In the Netherlands, Rabobank Group has developed into a broad financial services provider whose services are continually adjusted and updated so that they always meet the needs of people and businesses, whether in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Rabobank believes that sustainable growth in prosperity and well-being requires careful nurturing of natural resources and the environment, and it aims to contribute to such growth with its activities. Rabobank Group respects local culture and customs, and abides by them so long as they are not contrary to its objectives and core values. Maintaining the bank's solvency and liquidity will always be a criterion in deciding whether to undertake or continue activities. Rabobank Group's mission starts from, and is based on, the best interests of the customer. The goal is to create value for the customer by: - providing those financial services considered best and most appropriate by our customers; - ensuring continuity in the services with a view to protecting the long-term interests of our customers; - showing commitment to our customers and their environment, so that we can contribute to them achieving their ambitions. Core values Rabobank Group wants customers to recognise and acknowledge the bank as a champion of: - integrity: in its dealings, the bank wants to be fair, honest, conscientious and trustworthy; - respect: the bank's basis for collaboration is respect, appreciation and commitment; - professionalism: the bank serves its customers by offering high-level knowledge and facilities; - sustainability: the bank wants to help build a sustainable society by making contributions in economic, social and ecological areas. 6 Annual Report 2010 Rabobank Group

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