Ethical and responsible procedures at De Lage Landen Eco-efficiency at De Lage Landen Community involvement at De Lage Landen Increase in lease portfolio, with share of food and agri on the rise De Lage Landen developed new policy for the business ethics of its activities. It gained experience, for instance, assessing sustainability risks of clients and transactions, and developed standards for the sale of leased items to third parties. De Lage Landen also took steps to increase the sustainability awareness of its employees.The Business Principles Committee advised De Lage Landen management on how to deal with sustainability issues cropping up within the global organisation. De Lage Landen made sustainable investments in 2010 in its two largest office buildings in Wayne (US) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands), one of the objectives being to qualify for LEED and BREEAM certification for green buildings, building operation and building management. Since 2010, De Lage Landen has improved its CSR information collection from all its country organisations. As a result, De Lage Landen will be able to better focus its global effort to reduce its climate footprint, which is in keeping with Rabobank's group-wide energy efficiency targets. Owing to a lack of demand and because the Dutch government is expected to abolish subsidies for energy savings in 2011, De Lage Landen will phase out the Freo Eco Loan and the Green Energy Plan for employees in the Netherlands. De Lage Landen endeavours to link up its community involvement with its business operations. To bring this about, it is exploring options for pilot projects in the area of microleasing in collaboration with vendor partners and existing development organisations. De Lage Landen wants to use these projects to play a role in society by leveraging its core competencies in emerging economies. Loan portfolio in billions of euros Other Consumer finance Transportation Car leasing Healthcare Construction and industrial Financial services Office technology Food and agriculture Loan portfolio by region year-end 2010 Europe America Asia/Pacific 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Lending at De Lage Landen was up 7% in 2010, rising to EUR 25.7 (24.1) billion, which was chiefly attributable to currency effects. Producers were more hesitant to invest in 2010 than expected. The shares of car leasing and transportation in the portfolio contracted, whereas agriculture and healthcare did manage to benefit from an increase in exports and limited economic growth. The focus on growth in the food and agri sector is reflected in the figures. The share of food and agri in the portfolio rose by 17% to EUR 6.9 (5.9) billion, which accounted for 26.8% (24.3%) of the total portfolio. The share of lending in Asia continued to increase too. De Lage Landen's consumer loans portfolio rose to EUR 1.0 (0.9) billion. Athlon Car Lease Nederland is a division of De Lage Landen; it is market leader in car leasing in the Netherlands. On an international level, Athlon Car Lease has a presence in nine European countries, boasting a lease portfolio of 206,000 (216,000) contracts. 49 Leasing

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