Asset management A good year for investments 2010 was a good year for investments on average. Investment returns stood at EUR 15.3 billion. Positive currency effects, the inflow of assets and higher share prices contributed to an increase in assets managed and held in custody by 17% to EUR 270.4 billion. Total inflow of assets into Robeco, Sarasin and Schretlen Co amounted to EUR 9.7 billion in 2010. Net profit from asset management activities was up EUR 154 million, rising to EUR 167 million, thanks to higher commission, and in part to higher interest income. Of the Robeco funds, 63% outperformed the benchmark in 2010. Robeco subsidiaries Transtrend and Harbor Capital Advisors also achieved handsome returns for their clients. The Sarasin funds also performed well; one-third of them were ranked in the top 25% of their benchmark group. Efforts to increase the sustainability of the investment offering continued, as illustrated by the introduction of new sustainable investment funds. Of the total investment portfolio, 7% is now comprised of sustainable investments. Strategy for asset management,, Robeco, Sarasin and Schretlen Co are leading national and international asset managers and private banks. With their broad product range and specialised investment teams, they offer tailored investment and asset management services to investors of every kind. Rabo Direct Beleggen offers independent investors a choice from a range that includes Robeco and Sarasin funds. Rabobank Private Banking and Schretlen Co offer estate planning and asset management services to high net-worth clients. Robeco and Sarasin provide services to large institutional investors. Internationally, Robeco and Sarasin offer investment services to high net-worth individuals, among other clients, with responsible investing taking pride of place. Factors related to environment, society and good governance were further embedded in the processes. Robeco strategy revised When, early in 2010, Robeco decided on its strategy for the period to 2014, it made a number of clear choices. Robeco wants to strengthen its market leadership in the Netherlands. In the institutional investment market, it intends to double its market share by offering pension Rabobank Group strategy Contribution to group strategy All-finance market leader in the Netherlands - Offering, through various distribution channels, a broad range of investment funds and asset management services to clients of every kind International food and agri bank - Offering products in the areas of sustainability and cleantech 41 Asset management Share in Rabobank Group's net profit for 2010 Asset management and investment 6%

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