1 1 I I I 111! Loan portfolio by sector in billions of euros Food and agri TIS Private individuals 450 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 Loan portfolio by group entity at year-end 2010 Domestic retail banking 66% Wholesale banking and international retail banking 23% Leasing 5% Real estate 4% Other 2% 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Of the private sector lending, 48% was made up of loans to private individuals, 34% of loans to the trade, industry and services (TIS) sector, and 18% of loans to the food and agri sector. Loans to private individuals increased by 5% to EUR 208.0 (200.1) billion because of growth in the mortgage portfolio. The TIS portfolio grew by 3%, rising to EUR 147.7 (143.7) billion, which was chiefly attributable to Rabobank International. Loans to the food and agri sector increased by 13% to EUR 80.6 (71.5) billion, EUR 55.6 (49.7) billion of which was issued to the primary agricultural sector. The growth showed through mostly in loans to the horticultural sector and the meat-processing industry. Of private sector lending, 73% of loans were issued in the Netherlands. The other loans are spread over America (12%), European countries other than the Netherlands (9%), Australia and New Zealand (4%), and other countries (2%). Loan portfolio TIS by industry at year-end 2010 Lessors of real estate Finance and insurance (except banks) Wholesale Construction Manufacturing Transportation and warehousing Activities related to real estate Health care and social assistance 4% Professional, scientific and technical services 3% Other TIS 25% 5% 5% Loan portfolio food and agri by industry at year-end 2010 Dairy Grain and oilseeds Animal protein Fruit and vegetables Farm inputs Food retail and food service Flowers Beverages Other food and agri 14% Increase in amounts due to customers Amounts due to customers saw a 4% increase at Rabobank Group in 2010, rising to EUR 298.8 (286.3) billion. Amounts due to customers were up by EUR 7.6 billion to EUR 192.8 billion at domestic retail banking, by EUR 2.6 billion to EUR 88.3 billion at wholesale banking and international retail banking, and by EUR 2.0 billion to EUR 16.7 billion at asset management. Savings deposits accounted for 44% of amounts due to customers, making them the key component. Of savings deposits, 86% were generated by domestic retail banking, 10% by wholesale banking and international retail banking, and 4% by asset management. Savings deposits generated by the direct banking activities in Belgium, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand saw a substantial 60% increase in 2010, rising to EUR 11.6 (7.3) billion. 19 Financial developments

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