Focusing on the customer Serving the interests of customers is the guiding principle behind Rabobank's services. In 2008, Rabobank's Customer Care programme was launched in an effort to improve services further, thus helping to serve the interests of clients. In the context of this programme, four key deliverables were formulated in 2010. These deliverables are good products, appropriate advice, good service, and a balanced advisory model. This has led to a number of tangible improvements, including a simpler product range, clearer customer information, better support from client advisors, and adjusted fees for some products. Deliverables Rabobank Good products Good products Appropriate advice Good service Balanced advisory model Rabobank makes efforts to educate clients about financial products and services. Rabobank provides clients with clear information on products and services Rabobank ensures that advice is properly suited to the knowledge, experience, financial position, objective and risk appetite of each client Rabobank is a reliable long-term financial partner for clients, and provides customer care that is appropriate given the nature of the client, the service provided and the product Rabobank provides services that meet the needs of clients Rabobank only develops and sells products and services that are able to meet the needs of clients, for whom our products and services are intended. Rabobank has a balanced advisory model, which does not contain any incentives that lead to unnecessary sales. Rabobank strives to only develop and sell products and services that meet the requirements and needs of clients. New products are reviewed by an internal committee, which assesses aspects such as the interests of clients, duty of care, risk relating to the advisory function, and reputation risk. At the moment, the system of standards of this committee is being reviewed and tightened up in order to place even greater emphasis on the interests of clients. For more information, see the chapter Banking Code, under the heading 'Product approval'. In addition to this, existing products are reassessed and re-evaluated based on the response of clients, with the aim of making the product range as simple and transparent as possible. For example, it was decided that the bonus structure of the two existing internet savings accounts should be discontinued and that a transparent internet savings account should be introduced. Rabobank wants to provide clients with clear information on our products and services. A number of projects were recently launched with the aim of simplifying product information, such as the information provided in proposals, in general letters and on our website. In 2010, our website was once again voted the best financial website of the year by consumers. 14 Annual Report 2010 Rabobank Group

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