provides financial resources, in addition to knowledge, media, networks and the drive and commitment of its employees. Dutch all-finance service provider As an all-finance service provider, Rabobank Group offers a full range of financial products and services. The level of diversification within the group promotes financial stability. The wide range of knowledge and expertise available leads to benefits in the areas of innovation and synergy. Market leadership continues to be important to Rabobank Group. To be able to continue to fulfil the cooperative mission, the bank needs to be mindful of the profitability of its services. Leading food and agri bank Rabobank wants to continue to be an independent player of stature in order to preserve its identity as a cooperative. In order to achieve this, it will need to grow internationally because opportunities on the Dutch home market will gradually level off. Food and agri is a natural basis for further growth because of Rabobank's leading knowledge position in this area that follows on logically from its agricultural origins. Rabobank Group also wants to be a global trend-setter in the fields of renewable energy and cleantech, also in part to facilitate sustainable economic development. High creditworthiness A good creditworthiness is vital given the current state of the economy. Rabobank's high credit worthiness gives it access to finance at a relatively low cost. In order to maintain this special position, solid balance sheet ratios, healthy profitability and a high tier 1 ratio are required. Sound CSR policy Rabobank wants to make an economic, social and ecological contribution to building a sustainable society. It therefore sets high standards in the areas of the environment, society and governance as far as its services and its policy on responsible banking are concerned. Clients must be able to see that the services they receive are responsible and transparent. Moreover, Rabobank Group is committed to creating more sustainability in value chains in all core activities. Sustainability is also an aspect of Rabobank's own operations. As part of our commitment to society, Rabobank Group wants to encourage social cohesion within communities and to make financial services accessible to all. Guidelines and service provision principles The principles of the CSR policy have been formalised in the Rabobank Group Code of Conduct, which defines sustainability as one of the core values. In addition, Rabobank Group subscribes to a range of internal and external codes on general service provision principles, including guidelines issued by the United Nations, the OECD, the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Labour Organisation. For a list of these guidelines and principles, please log on to Four central CSR themes Pursuing a sound Corporate Social Responsibility policy is a strategic choice for Rabobank Group. Four central CSR themes were defined in 2009: - Working towards delivering a secure and sustainable food supply. Rabobank Group has defined five Food and Agribusiness Principles to do its share towards creating more sustainable value chains in food and agri: adequate and secure food production, sustainable use of natural resources, a responsible society where public welfare is key, ethical treatment of animals, and awareness of these principles among consumers and citizens. These principles form the basis for building on our service offering of socially responsible loans and achieving a sustainable value chain. - Innovating production methods and encouraging the efficient use of renewable energy. Rabobank Group's areas of focus include promoting renewable energy and innovation in many products and services relating to savings, corporate finance, project finance, asset management and investment, leasing and real estate. 11 Strategy

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