The Rabobank Group is the largest financial service provider in the Dutch market. It com prises 349 independent, local co-operative Rabobanks in the Netherlands, the central Rabobank Nederland organisation and a large number of specialised subsidiaries.The Group has been awarded the highest possible credit rating.The Group's core target is to generate customer value. Strong market position Triple A International network Competence centres 6 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Profile of the Rabobank Group The local Rabobanks and their clients form the Rabobank Group's co-operative core business. De banks are members and sharehol ders of the supralocal co-operative organisation, Rabobank Nederland, which advises the banks and supports their local ser vices. Rabobank Nederland also supervises the collective of local banks on behalf of the Dutch Central Bank. Rabobank Nederland further acts as an (international) wholesale bank and as bankers' bank to the Group and is the holding company of a large number of subsidiaries. private individuals for a balanced package of financial services and products.The Group thus combines the best of two worlds: the local involvement and personal touch of the local Rabobanks and the expertise and scale of a large organisation. The Rabobank Group serves more than half of the Dutch popula tion and Dutch businesses. In the Dutch market, Rabobank is accor dingly market leader for virtually all financial services: mortgage loans (24%), private savings (40%), small and medium-sized enterpri ses (39%) and the agricultural sector (83%). Its share in the corpora te market has been strengthened considerably. The Rabobank Group has the highest credit rating (Triple A), awar ded by the well-known international rating agencies Moody's and Standard Poor's. To serve our clients in the international market, the Rabobank Group has 169 branches in 34 countries outside the Netherlands. The Rabobank Group's ambition is to provide its 9 million clients, both private and business, with all possible financial products and services.To this end, it has a large number of specialised businesses engaged in asset management (Robeco), insurance (Interpolis), lea sing (De Lage Landen), private banking (Schretlen Co), stockbrok- ing (Effectenbank Stroeve), equity participations (Gilde), corporate banking and investment banking (Rabobank International and its subsidiary Rabo Securities).These subsidiaries provide financial advice and products to the local Rabobanks and their clients on the one hand and serve their own clients directly at home and abroad on the other. The Rabobank Group is a network of competence centres working closely together. This networked expertise allows the Group to res pond actively to the growing demand from business clients and More about Rabobank Group? Go to:

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