Doing one's bit Evaluation of the local boards Directors and supervisors 'When I came from Egypt to the Netherlands, I became a client at the Rabobank. This is more than forty years ago. As a pharmacist, I was a business client. I have always felt at home at the Rabobank and advised acquaintances to bank there as well. In 1996, I was asked to join the super visory board. The idea of influencing your own bank from within appealed to me. The supervisors supervise the board of directors and the management; we monitor the affairs, the plans for the future, staff policy and whether the bank acts in accordance with the co-operative idea. In this way, I hope to contribute to maintaining the local bank, which is really and truly there for its clients.' Magdy Ramzy, member of the supervisory board, Rabobank Oss networks and tools was offered to local managers and supervisors. This programme focuses in greater depth on the themes dealt with in earlier large-scale conferences. In its preparation, the needs voiced by managers and supervisors have been taken into account. Their mutual co-operation and combined effectiveness are vital to the success of the local banks. Following the review of the central management model, the local management model will be evaluated as well. In the final months of the year under review, a start was made with the evaluation of the local model introduced in 1998. In a survey, managers, supervisors and directors of the local banks were able to state their views on the functioning and future resilience of this model. No conclusions have been drawn as yet from the opinions collected. However, two-thirds of the respondents are in favour of continuing the present model, although a majority deems refocusing of role definitions and responsibilities a requirement for further improvement of the quali ty of the management and supervision of local banks. One third of the respondents is of the opinion that a different management model is desirable in the short term.The Directors particularly are in favour of a management structure that is more in line with that of the umbrella co-operative Rabobank Nederland. In 2003, the Task Force for Local Management will present proposals concerning the future management structure of the local bank co-operatives.

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Annual Reports Rabobank | 2002 | | pagina 63