- Private individuals Lending by operating unit Other 7% Banks Other assets Liabilities Funds entrusted Other liability items Increase in Group equity 50 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 billion was granted to the primary agricultural sector and EUR 13.2 (12.9) billion to the international food agri-business sector. Total loans to private individuals amounted to EUR 103.0 (92.1) billion, EUR 10.9 billion higher than in 2001 and an increase of 12%. Mortgage loans accounted for the greater part, EUR 99.8 (88.3) billion. Retail banking 70% Wholesale banking 23% Of the total of EUR 212.3 billion in loans to private individuals, EUR 150.4 billion was granted by the retail banking business, made up of the local Rabobanks.Their share of total lending is 70%.The wholesale banking business accounted for EUR 47.8 billion of loans granted, 23% of the total.The other units accounted for EUR 14.1 billion of lending by the Group. The item banks comprises the funds loaned to credit institutions. In 2002, this item increased by EUR 7.1 billion to EUR 47.2 (40.1), of which EUR 40.1 (28.4) billion related to professional securities trans actions. At the end of 2002, Rabobank Group's balance sheet included EUR 71.3 (78.7) billion worth of interest-bearing securities. EUR 11.1 (12.6) billion had been invested in shares and EUR 1.8 (5.3) billion in short-term government paper. Funds entrusted to Rabobank Group - savings, professional securities transactions and other funds entrusted - declined marginally in 2002, by EUR 0.6 billion to EUR 171.6 billion. At end 2002, the volume of savings was EUR 66.3 (63.1) billion, up 5%. After their significant increase in 2001, savings rose in 2002 as well.The unfavourable stock exchange climate and the economic uncertainty caused many clients to opt for a secure savings account. Professional securities transactions amounted to EUR 6.0 (8.5) billion. Other funds entrusted, including business balances on current accounts and private balan ces on payment accounts, declined by EUR 1.3 billion to EUR 99.3 billion. The item banks increased by 7% to EUR 85.9 (80.0) billion.The item debt securities grew by 6% to EUR 61.7 (58.5) billion. At the end of 2002, provisions amounted to EUR 18.3 (18.3) billion. Of this amount, EUR 15.4 (14.5) billion related to Interpolis' technical reserves. Rabobank Group's reserves increased by EUR 1.9 billion to EUR 14.9 billion.This was the outcome of the addition of the issued Member Certificates and net profit on the one hand and the write-down in connection with the payment of goodwill on the other. At the end of 2002, Group equity amounted to EUR 21.2 billion, an increase of EUR 2.8 billion. In addition to reserves, this item comprises sub ordinated loans, the fund for general banking risks and third-party interests.

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