Rabobank Group's consolidated total assets grew by 3% in 2002 to EUR 375 billion. Lending to the private sector increased by 8%. Due to the highly disappointing year at the stock exchanges, savings were more popular than investments. Savings with the Rabobank Group increased by 5%. Assets Total lending - Trade, industry and services - Agricultural sector Notes to the balance sheet 49 Notes to the balance sheet Total lending by Rabobank Group increased by 8% in 2002 to EUR 225.3 (208.6) billion.This total comprises: - public sector lending; - professional securities transactions; - lending to the private sector. In 2002, lending to the public sector was virtually unchanged at EUR 0.8 billion. Professional securities transactions increased to EUR 12.1 (10.6) billion. Lending to the private sector - private individuals, the agricultural sector and the trade, industry and services sector - rose by EUR 15 billion in 2002 to EUR 212.3 billion.This is an 8% increase, which is below the level of previous years. Breakdown of private sector lending Agricultural sector 16% Trade, industry and services 36% Private individuals 48% Enterprises in the trade, industry and services sector borrowed EUR 2.3 billion more in 2002 than in 2001, an increase of 3%. As a result, total loans granted to this sector amounted to EUR 75.8 billion. At the end of 2002, business clients in the agricultural sector borrowed 6% more than in 2001.The total volume of loans to the agricultural sector amounted to EUR 33.4 (31.7) billion, of which EUR 20.2 (18.8)

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