Unexpected switch Employees 43 'As a result of cost cuts, I quite unexpectedly lost my job as a communications adviser at Rabofacet. I started to look to the future as quickly as I could. I was coached via the Job Center, Rabobank's mobility centre. But I also took my future in my own hands. My preference was in electronic media and that's where I found a new job.At Rabobank Nederland. I now co-ordinate the new e-HR portal that is to be placed on our Intranet. On this site, employees can find everything in the area of human resources: terms of employment, arrangements, salary grades, arithmetic models, forms. In the future, the site can be accessed via the Internet and employees will be able to enter changes directly. It will be a true human resources self service channel and it's very exciting to contribute to it.' Marijke Varkevisser, content manager e-HR portal Rabobank Nederland Performance-based remuneration in new Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) In June 2002, Rabobank and the unions agreed on the Rabobank CAO, which has a 13-month term.The agreement provides for a 3.6% pay rise. It also paves the way for performance-based assess ment and payment for job groups 12 and 13 with effect from 2003 In the current financial year, experience with this method will also be gained in other groups. If this turns out to be a success,all job groups in Rabobank will switch to the new system in 2004. Performance-based work and remuneration are important aspects of the organisational restructuring.The Bank expects to achieve its market leadership ambition partly by linking performance assess ments of departments, teams and, where possible, individual staff members to customer satisfaction. Virtual Labour Market and e-HR Increasingly, Internet technology is playing a role in staff issues as well. In the year under review, the Virtual Labour Market was opened

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