f' K W BI v t A r 0 Insurance premium income Visions of the future <5 J <i Dfl o Insurance Policy, making it the first insurance company to offer this product. The average number of products per policy increased from 3.03 to 3.23.At the end of 2002, Interpolis had written a total of 1.1 million All-in-One Policies. Business Compact Policy The Business Compact Policy is to small and medium-sized business es what the All-in-One Policy is to private individuals. At the end of 2002, the number of policies written was 192,000, an increase by 7%.The average number of categories per policy increased from 2.86 to 2.89. FuturePlanner In the past, making provisions for the future was driven by clients' needs and in many cases by tax motives as well.The tax motive has been eliminated by changes in the tax system.With its FuturePlanner, introduced in the year under review, Interpolis offers clients a trans parent and easy insight into their financial situation and provides appropriate product solutions and service. Life insurance premium income under pressure Interpolis is a clear market leader in annuities. Income from annuities and single-premium policies fell by 42% in 2002 to EUR 614 million. The decrease is mainly attributable to the fall in demand for life insurance resulting from the increasingly complex tax treatment of retirement benefits. Income from recurring premiums from private individuals such as mortgage insurance and insured savings rose 7% to EUR 820 million. To me, the year 2002 meant the introduction of the futurePlanner: a revolutionary concept that maps out all the provisions for the future a client has made, including products with other companies. The analysis immediately suggests suitable solutions for any shortfalls. The futurePlanner implies a long-term relationship with the client, for we send him annual updates, enabling the client to see if the financial arrangements still suffice for his future needs. Initially, I was responsible for the develop ment of communication tools and have also guided the futurePlanner's introduction at both Rabobank and intermediaries. The futurePlanner was developed and placed in the market in a mere six months and was very well received.' Carmelina Di Rosa, Marketing Communication, Interpolis t- J u

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