For Interpolis, 2002 was a difficult year. Due to falling stock exchange rates, storm damage and decreasing volumes in the life insurance busi ness, gross profit declined to EUR 77 million. For Interpolis, 2002 was also a year of integrating the businesses acquired in 2001. Transparent Acquisition of BMG Group People Work All-in-One Policy 36 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Insurance Interpolis is continuing its development as an all-round insurance company in order to strengthen its market position. It is expanding its services in the market for brokers as well as in the field of employment benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. Interpolis stresses its transparency in its products and services, its communication and its approach to both clients and intermedia ries. With this transparency it aims to forge ahead together with the customer. For example, in cases of damage this means that clients do not need to fill out complicated forms and that their money is transferred to their accounts quickly. In order to strengthen its position in health and safety ('Arbo') services, absenteeism management and reintegration, Interpolis acquired the BMG Group in the year under review. BMG Group specialises as a reintegration mediator for jobseekers, people drawing disability benefits under the WAO and employees, including those suffering from illness. BMG has a strong market position, particularly in the agricultural sector, the building industry and the manufacturing industry. The Group entity People Work (occupational health and safety) supports employers in the prevention of absenteeism owing to illness and in the reintegration of employees suffering from illness. The unit consists for the greater part of Commit Arbo and Relan Arbo (operating together as Commit as from 1 January 2003).The businesses and institutions that are clients of Commit employ a total of over one million people. Commit is responding to the "Gatekeeper improvement" Act (Wet verbetering poortwachter) that came into force on 1 January 2002 with the aim of preventing employees from ending up in the WAO. Via its Work resumption package, Commit offers a comprehensive package to reintegrate employees as quickly as possible and with minimal financial charges to employers. Within the All-in-One Policy, clients can insure in a simple way against losses in the categories traffic, home, third-party liability, legal assistance and recreation.The premium discount increases in line with the number of categories insured. In 2002 Interpolis added the continuous holiday cancellation insurance to its All-in-One

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