Especially special Payments Savings 'Since 1999, Rabobank's historical heritage is managed professionally. We collect documents, objects, photo graphs and film footage, file these materials and make them accessible through exhibitions and articles. The book "The other bank" describes to a broad circle of readers what Rabobank stands for - how it developed from an agricultural loans bank into an international provider of financial services while retaining its co-operative charac ter. Its particular ownership structure and decision making processes and the lively internal discussions on those themes - it's all in the book.And when you're loo king into all those things, it makes you realise just how special this organisation is and how important it is to keep that heritage alive and exciting.' Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Stefan de Boer, company historian, Rabobank Nederland Lending to trade, industry and services Lending to enterprises in the trade, industry and services sector rose by 7% in 2002. At year-end, total loans amounted to EUR 33.7 (31.5) billion.The strongest growth was from enterprises in the health care sector and in the building industry. Higher market share in trade, industry and services In 2002, Rabobank maintained its clear market leadership in the small and medium-sized businesses sector (up to 100 employees). The Bank's market share rose to 39%. 37% of one-man businesses bank with Rabobank. For enterprises with 2 to 10 employees, this figure is 42% and for enterprises with 10 to 100 employees, it is 36%. Lending to the agricultural sector Lending to the agricultural sector increased by 5%, to EUR 17.7 (16.8) billion at year-end. Market share in the agricultural sector remains high Rabobank's historically strong ties with the agricultural sector are reflected in its very high market share of 83%.The local banks' mar ket share declined from 87% to 83% owing to the growing number of business closures in this sector and fierce competition. RaboDealAssist for small and medium-sized businesses After the introduction of real-time payments for businesses in 2001, services were expanded further with the introduction of RaboDealAssist in October. Fast and simple, it enables businesses to perform spot and forward transactions as well as currency swaps via the Internet. Clients who actively hedge currency exposure can continually monitor trade prices. Moreover, telephone waiting queues are a thing of the past. Chipknip's definitive breakthrough Due in part to the euro, use of the Chipknip electronic purse showed explosive growth.The number of Chipknip transactions more than doubled in 2002. Its use by the elderly and the handicapped also showed strong growth. An increasing number of care institutions and homes for the elderly have adopted the Chipknip as a replace ment for cash. In the year under review, the number of load points increased from 1,821 to 1,859. With 40% of the market, Rabobank Group is the clear leader in the Dutch savings market. Of the total savings in the Netherlands, 37% are held with local Rabobanks and 3% with Roparco, the savings arm of Robeco Group.

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