H Club spirit Membership policy 23 From engagement to influence A multiform member base is important for the representative quality of the local management and supervisory bodies. Management consults its members on the way in which Rabobank should position itself in their particular region. Members have a say in the service quality in terms of, for example, branch office network density, opening hours and services. They can also determine what the Bank should do with part of the profit and select projects that are eligible for sponsoring. Active members enable the local Rabobanks to closely monitor developments in their area of operation and to translate these into matching services. Customer preferences and trends At present, 16% of all private clients and 40% of business clients are members. Because Rabobank aims at personal engagement, it seeks to obtain sound insight into the business preferences and personal interests of its members through members' meetings, panel discus sions and research.This valuable information enables the Bank to further improve its services. Greater loyalty among members Analysis has shown that, on average, members use more services and respond more often to special offers for new products and services. In addition, a survey has shown that loyalty among members is greater than among other clients. Also, their average rating of the products and services supplied is higher. This high member loyalty provides Rabobank with a sound basis for develo ping its relationships. The fact that one can become a Rabobank mem ber distinguishes us from our competitors and provides added value. I always tell my clients that, as members, they can contribute their ideas and have a say, that there are discounts and other benefits, that they receive the U Extra magazine. Many people are surprised because they do not associate the word membership with a bank. Most of them are attracted to the idea, though. It brings the bank nearer to them. My client Arthur Weijerman, who is a chef in Zetten, was the one- millionth member of our organisation. He received a Membership Certificate and Young Dynamic Fund shares for his newborn child. Weijerman loved it. He will be a member for life.' w Daniël di Giacomo, account manager, Rabobank Betuwe

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