Service improvement Reality outpacing perception Complaints Other Customer value 21 The decreasing customer satisfaction is a trend that is affecting the entire sector. This is due partly to the fact that banks are increasingly closing offices in small towns and partly to the shift in services from physical offices to less personal channels such as the Internet. Rabobank Group continually aims to improve customer satisfaction. The Rabobank is engaged in continuous dialogue with clients in order to adjust its services to market changes and the changing preferences of (groups of) clients. For example, some elderly or handicapped people have difficulty using cash dispensing machines and Internet banking.That is why Rabobank offers extra services such as home delivery of cash or assistance in the use of virtual channels. In December 2002, the Bank made an agreement with SeniorWeb for a national training programme in computer usage and Internet banking for 60,000 elderly people with a Rabobank account. Rabobank is the main sponsor of SeniorWeb,an organisa tion that employs elderly people to introduce contemporaries to the possibilities offered by computers and the Internet. Rabobank has initiated numerous other activities to take its services to a higher level, such as the expansion of payment facilities and services and better usage of its network. However, the customer satisfaction benefits of these activities will not become apparent until the second half of 2003. Despite its many-sided activities, the Rabobank Group is still insuffi ciently recognised as an Allfinanz Group with numerous specialised services. In this respect, market perception is not keeping pace with the facts. In the near future, specific campaigns will inform business clients about Rabobank Group's profile and customer value propo sitions. Realising customer value also means being willing to learn from clients who are not satisfied. Complaints contain valuable informa tion that the organisation can use to improve its service. If a client is not satisfied with the solution offered by the local Rabobank the matter can be put to the central Complaints Service of Rabobank Nederland. Complaints Service in 2002, whereas previously this was done by Interpay.The number of complaints about security services showed a significant decline. Nature of complaint 2002 2001 Funds transfers 55% 48% Policy, negligence, discourtesy 27% 27% Securities 4% 7% Mortgages 3% 5% Loans 3% 4% Cancelling accounts/calling security 3% 3% Savings 2% 2% Insurance 2% 2% Other 1% 2% 2002 Funds transfers Policy, negligence, discourtesy Securities Mortgages Loans Cancelling accounts/calling security Savings Insurance 2001 In the year under review 2,659 (2,053) clients turned to the Complaints Service. This strong increase was due in part to the poli cy of encouraging clients not to keep their complaints to them selves but to air them. In addition, clients are becoming more and more outspoken. Another reason for the increase is the significantly higher number of complaints received about funds transfers, parti cularly disputed transactions involving ATMs and POS terminals.This particularly strong increase was due to the fact that cases of mani pulated cash dispensing machines were dealt with by the

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