The customer is at the core of the Rabobank Group.The Group's primary focus is on creating maximum customer value, i.e. the value a client attaches to the services. Market leadership is a precondition for being able to continue investing in high-quality products and services and generating customer value in the long term. Customer Value Monitor 20 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Customer value high degree of loyalty and strong identification with their bank. Of the clients surveyed in 2002,44% of private individuals and 34% of businesses thought Rabobank acted primarily in their interests and not in its own financial interest. For our competitors, this percentage is significantly lower, at 35% and 27% respectively. In addition, the Customer Value Monitor measures client satisfaction.This declined slightly in the year under review. Private individuals awarded a score of 7.4 on satisfaction, against 7.5 in 2001. Satisfaction among businesses scored 7.1 against 7.4 in 2001. Robeco Direct and Interpolis scored 7.7 and 7.6 respectively. Satisfaction Customer value depends on clients' faith that the Rabobank Group acts primarily in their interests and clearly puts their wishes and needs first. Optimum product quality and service quality is therefore essential.To measure customer value, we have developed the Customer Value Monitor. 2002 2001 The Customer Value Monitor continuously analyses the main indicators of customer value.Within each client group of the local Rabobanks, Interpolis and Robeco, more than 7,500 people in the Netherlands are questioned each year on the performance of these Group entities. Our competitors' customers are also surveyed about the performance of their banks so that we can benchmark the Rabobank against them.The customer value monitor shows that Rabobank clients differ from clients of competitors by virtue of their Rabobank private 7.4 7.5 benchmark 7.4 7.4 Rabobank business 7.1 7.4 benchmark 7.0 7.3 Robeco Direct 7.7 8.1 benchmark 7.4 7.6 Interpolis 7.6 7.6 benchmark 7.6 7.5

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