Rabobank Group weathered the turbulent year 2002 relatively well. As in 2001, which was like wise characterised by an unfavourable economic climate, Rabobank Group's broad spread of activ ities yielded reasonably stable results in 2002. Starting point Strategic priorities Strengthening Rabobank Major role for members 16 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Lines from 2002 to the future Thanks to this broad basis, which is firmly rooted in the Allfinanz for mula, Rabobank Group is in a strong position for the future. Further strengthening of its market position is nevertheless desirable. It is against this background that discussions with the local Rabobanks on a refocused strategy were completed in the year under review. They have resulted in the new Strategic Framework - Our ambition: to be market leader. The Strategic Framework's starting point is that the primary focus of Rabobank Group as a whole is to generate customer value.The Group acts primarily in the interest of its clients and members. Together, the local Rabobanks and their clients represent Rabobank Group's co-operative core business. Their needs are the starting point for the activities of the entire Group. In that context, Rabobank Nederland and its subsidiaries not only have a supporting role but also an initiating and entrepreneurial role. Moreover, the subsidiaries ensure optimum service to their own clients, who do not bank at a local Rabobank. In brief, Rabobank Group's ambition is to achieve market leadership in financial services (Allfinanz), primarily via the co-operative local Rabobanks. Four strategic priorities have been set in order to achieve that market leadership ambition: 1. Strengthening the co-operative Rabobanks, Rabobank Group's core business, by further putting our house in order in the domestic market. 2. Strengthening our position as an Allfinanz Group. 3. Developing new (international) opportunities for growth and strengthening our equity position. 4. Strengthening synergies and co-operation within Rabobank Group. Strengthening the position of the local Rabobanks should be the first step in the drive to achieve market leadership.This must be reflected in the sale of more and better services and products - with the best possible price/quality ratio - to more and to more satisfied clients. All this is to be achieved in a way that is both socially responsible and distinguishes us from competitors. In this respect, the members of the local Rabobanks have a major role.They form the basis of the local management structure and are

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