Committee and terms of reference Membership Audit Committee Co-operative Issues Committee: Appointments and Remuneration Committee Appeals Committee Committees of the Supervisory Board Changes on Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank Nederland 13 Duties: advises the Supervisory Board on financial, economic and supervisory issues M.Minderhoud, Chairman L. Koopmans, permanent member L.J.M. Berndsen, permanent member A.J.A.M.Vermeer, rotating member A.W.Veenman, rotating member S.E. Eisma, rotating member H.C.Scheffer, rotating member Duties: advises the Supervisory Board on the co-operative's broad functioning A.J.A.M.Vermeer, Chairman L. Koopmans, permanent member M.J.M.Tielen, permanent member B. Bijvoet, rotating member S.M. Dekker, rotating member J.A.A.M.van Rossum, rotating member T. de Boon, future member Duties: advises the Supervisory Board on issues concerning appoint ments and remuneration L. Koopmans, Chairman A.J.A.M.Vermeer, member S.M. Dekker, member H.C. Scheffer, member Duties: advises the Supervisory Board on appeal cases where the Supervisory Board acts as body for appeals as defined in articles of association S.E. Eisma, Chairman J.A.A.M.van Rossum, member M.J.M.Tielen, member Immediately upon its installation, the Supervisory Board started to work on the organisation of the duties to be performed. Four com mittees were established for a proper performance of the duties and responsibilities under the articles of association. Besides perma nent members, two of these committees also have a number of rotating members.The aim of this arrangement is to achieve the full involvement of the entire Supervisory Board in the various aspects of the supervisory role. To support it in the performance of its duties, the Supervisory Board intends to gain extensive information, through special meetings, on a range of banking issues.This will broaden the level of knowledge of its members and will provide better insight into the elements that are essential to the management of Rabobank Nederland - and to the supervision thereof.The first such information session took place in January 2003. Issues addressed included developments relating to the new capital adequacy regulations, funding and liquidity policy and risk management. In September 2002 the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland successively took formal leave of its Chairman, H.N.J. (Hans) Smits and its Chief Financial Officer (CFO), W.M. (Wim) van den Goorbergh. At the end of 2002, J.F.C.M. (John) van Nuenen likewise relinquished his position on the Executive Board.The Supervisory Board expresses its gratitude to Messrs Smits, Van den Goorbergh and Van Nuenen for their valuable contribution to Rabobank Group's development. The Supervisory Board took the necessary steps and decisions to fill the vacancies thus arisen. With effect from 1 December 2002, Mr H. (Bert) Heemskerk was appointed as the Executive Board's Chairman. With effect from that same date, Mr PJ.A. (Piet) van Schijndel was appointed to the Executive Board. With effect from 1 January 2003, Mr P.W. (Piet) Moerland was appointed as a member of the Executive Board. At the time of writing, the post of CFO in the Executive Board is as yet vacant. Mr Heemskerk has temporarily taken on the relevant duties and responsibilities. The Supervisory Board will investigate how this vacancy could be filled.

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