Financial statements New corporate governance for Rabobank Nederland Members of the Supervisory Board as of 6 June 2002 Members 12 Rabobank Group Annual Report 2002 Report of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank Nederland In compliance with the provisions of the articles of association of Rabobank Nederland, the Supervisory Board has examined the report and the financial statements. Our examination included discussions with the internal and external auditors. Partly on the basis of the auditors' report issued by Ernst Young Accountants and with a view to the provisions of Section 19, paragraph e, of the articles of associ ation, we propose that the General Meeting of Rabobank Nederland adopt the financial statements for 2002 and appropriate the profit for the year as proposed. In terms of governance, 2002 was an eventful year for Rabobank Nederland. On 6 June 2002, it was decided to alter Rabobank Nederland's corporate governance structure.The new top management structure makes the management model more transparent and increases management's effectiveness.The change in structure gives the local Rabobanks more say in the strategic policy. The supervisory duties of the Supervisory Board have been enhanced.The Executive Board now has managerial responsibility not only for day-to-day operations and Group policy but also for the co-operative. Under the old structure, the former Board of Directors was responsible for the co-operative before its competence and responsibilities were absorbed by the new structure. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the members of the former Supervisory Board and the former Board of Directors for their commitment in the execution of their duties for Rabobank Group. The new Supervisory Board was installed on 6 June 2002. Its mem bership is as follows: L. (Lense) Koopmans A.J.A.M. (Antoon) Vermeer S.E. (Sjoerd) Eisma L.J.M. (Leo) Berndsen B. (Bernard) Bijvoet T. (Teun) de Boon S.M. (Sybilla) Dekker M. (Rinus) Minderhoud J.A.A.M. (Hans) van Rossum H.C. (Herman) Scheffer M.J.M. (Martin) Tielen A.W. (Aad) Veenman Chairman Deputy Chairman Secretary Member Member Future member* Member Member Member Member Member Member On 1 April 2003, Mr De Boon will retire as General Manager of Rabobank Tilburg-Goirle to become a member of the Supervisory Board with effect from that same date.

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