F| 0 In the virtual lead Further internationalisation Start of Obvion Sponsoring: more than money alone Main events 11 subscribing members and employees. At EUR 1.75 billion, this was almost double the proceeds estimated initially. Members (x 1,000) 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 1=1=1 H N I 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Rabobank is a market leader in virtual banking. Late in 2002, the one millionth Internet savings account was opened. According to Internet audience measurement service Nielsen Net Ratings, Rabobank was also one of Europe's most frequented Internet banks in 2002. In December, 1.3 million people visited www.rabobank.nl. The success of www.rabobank.nl in the Netherlands has resulted in virtual steps across the border. Since November 2002, people in Belgium can go to www.rabobank.be for savings products and a number of Robeco investment funds. Near the end of 2002, an agreement was signed to acquire Internet broker Alex and the telephone order line VEB-Bottomline from Dexia Bank Nederland. In 2002, Rabobank Group strengthened its international position in private banking by means of a strategic alliance with the renowned Swiss Bank Sarasin Cie. Rabobank Nederland took a 28% share in Bank Sarasin Cie, while contributing its own International Private Banking activities to Bank Sarasin Cie. Rabobank has a call option enabling her to obtain a majority interest in Bank Sarasin Cie. After Australia and New Zealand, Rabobank International is now also actively pursuing its successful country-banking strategy in Ireland, the United States and Canada. Country-banking involves taking over smaller retail banks in developed countries. These banks mainly operate in rural areas and have a strong position in the agricultural sector. In the year under review, Rabobank International acquired the Irish state-owned ACC bank. This Group entity also acquired Valley Independent Bank, in California. In Canada, a strategic alliance was made with ATB Financial. In the year under review, Robeco acquired two hedge fund mana- gers:Transtrend and Sage Capital Management. In addition, this Rabobank subsidiary acquired a 60% share in Boston Partners Asset Managers, in the United States, with an option to buy the remaining share.These acquisitions fit into Robeco's strategy of expanding its investment expertise and offering a broader product range to its (institutional) clients. Assets managed by the parties acquired amount to EUR 9 billion. Obvion,the joint venture between Rabobank Group and ABP that was announced in 2001, started business on 1 April 2002. Obvion sells mortgages via intermediaries. Its market share in 2002 was 3%. In the year under review, Rabobank Group, as a 'first foun der; was the main sponsor of Floriade 2002, the world horti cultural fair held in Haarlemmermeer. Rabobank Group's central sponsoring policy focuses on the promotion of the Rabobank brand.The Rabobank sponsors three major spor ting activities in the Netherlands: hockey, cycling and equestrian sport. In addition, the Rabobank has for many years been working together with the Stichting Museumjaarkaart. In January 2003, a five-year partnership with the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum was added to the programme.This partnership enhances the museum's ability to publicise its existing collection among the Dutch audience and to organise even more high-quality exhibitions. For Rabobank, sponsoring is more than just supplying cash to enhance brand recognition.The Bank sees sponsoring primarily as a partnership that should benefit both parties and that should generate a social dividend.

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