The Rabobank Group - what we want to be Core purpose Core values Social Pact with members Mission statement 9 Rabobank Group mission statement The Rabobank Group was founded in the Netherlands by enterpri sing people who had virtually no access to capital.The early credit co operatives broadened access to capital by providing financial services to small and medium-sized companies, especially in the agricultural sector. By working on co-operative, or mutual, principles, a financial institution has since evolved which enables clients to achieve their financial ambitions.This goal forms the driving force behind Rabobank Group: it aims to create opportunities for individuals and organisations to participate fully and independently in economic activities. We, the staff and management of Rabobank Group, have as both point of departure and primary goal the best interests of our custo mers. We aim to add value by: providing those financial services considered best and most appropriate by our customers; ensuring continuity in the services provided with a view to the long-term interests of the client; commitment to our clients and their concerns and issues so that we can contribute to achieving their ambitions. The Group offers all financial services needed by customers as they participate in a modern social context. It provides a wide range of financial services in the Netherlands, striving to ensure that all services are continually adjusted and updated so that they always meet the needs of both individuals and companies in the domestic market in the Netherlands, as well as elsewhere in the world. The Rabobank Group believes sustainable growth in prosperity and well being requires careful nurturing of natural resources and the living environment. Our activities will contribute to this development. Rabobank respects the culture and traditions of the countries where it operates, insofar as these do not conflict with our own objectives and values. In all activities undertaken by Rabobank Group, solvency and liquidity will be safeguarded as the basis for continuity of ser vices to our clients. We believe it is important that clients immediately recognise and personally experience the following values in all our activities: integrity: we act according to our stated aims; respect: we will interact with clients so that they experience our respect for them; expertise: we must be able to fulfil every promise we make. Rabobank Group is open to the views, concerns and issues of our clients, and to those affected by our activities. Customers who are committed to the principles as pursued by Rabobank Group can become members of their local Rabobank. This enables them to participate and to have a say in the way Rabobank Group works to further their, the clients', goals.

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